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 Post subject: Re: We Are the Robots: the Fleet of Misfit Machines
PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:06 am 
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Doll Advisor
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42716 wrote:
Mello_Pello wrote:
wouldnt it be cool to 'make' a perfect getaway and imaginary space in a corner of a room? A place that U can make for free...a fantasy place or space to take Ur companion to on special times.

This is basically what I've done with the room where I piled up all the pillows to make a resting station for us. That entire room is sort of a secret base, filled with all sorts of colourful, cute things. It was mostly inspired by the secret bases you can make in the Pokémon games, which allow you to put cute dolls and posters in a little space your Pokémon carves out of a rock or tree. Kind of strange, when you think about it, since they'd all get destroyed by the elements pretty quickly.

I think it's a good idea, especially if you can't afford to go out and see the world...but if you can do, then experiencing adventure for real is sure to be more rewarding than just imagining. That's why I'm working to make it possible for all of us to do more travelling and have more exciting experiences. It's not going to be easy, on my budget, and certainly trips like this will be out of the question most, if not all, of the time, but I'm determined to make it happen.

Thats awesome 42716. I dont know much about Pokemon..but what you describe sounds pretty rad to me. Ive always been about creating and having my own little forts and secret places. Places I can escape to. Even as an adult...I collect books about building cabins and forest forts and such. I feel at peace thinking about my own places, where no one can find me and I can do as I please. I do agree, I enjoy my roadtrips and daily getaways. Havent taken my doll, but me and my dogs love getting in the car and just taking off. Freedom on the road. Anyways, I think I understand what youre saying..U wanna take the misfits to places and experience some memories together. I think thats cool. And I dig Ur style:) Thanks again for the read...always enjoy keeping up to date with Ur thread.

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