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 Post subject: Newbie rating of a 6YE 166cm A cup
PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:13 am 
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Here's a 'newbie' rating of my first doll ever: a 6YE 166cm A-cup with N16 head.

I'm throwing it all out there. Please bear in mind she's only arrived a week ago.

Packaging: She was in mint condition when she arrived, package was sturdy. She had so much foam around her precious body it took me a long time to unpack her. Head was packed even better. Would suggest bigger 'fragile' and 'This side up' stickers on the box. :thumbs_up:

Smell: I didn't like the smell at first, first night i woke up with a headache. So i washed her a few times more. Must say she still has a faint smell now but it's getting better. Added a drop of perfume on her hair and it masks the TPE smell. I assume she will lose the smell completely after a while. :thumbs_up:

Softness: She feels very soft after powdering, since she's my first doll i can only compare to RG: it's not the real thing but it comes close enough for me. :thumbs_up:

Body: I noticed an imperfection on her belly. It's not really very visible and almost impossible to feel. I feel it adds a bit more realism to her otherwise perfect body. Amazing details. Feeling her body trough clothes is very realistic once she's warmed up a bit. Also want to mention 6YE did a great job on realism when i compare them to other brands measurements. She looks like a real woman, not some caricature. :thumbs_up:

Head: Absolutely stunning, very nice and detailed. In dimmed lights she looks like a real girl with her brown eyes staring in mine. I kiss her so i'm not using the head for penetration. New neck attachment works like a charm and the neck is easy to move in all directions. :thumbs_up:

Arms and legs: Her arms look a bit thin, and they move kinda funny sometimes. Slight visual of a seem on the inside of her arms. Her legs are amazing length but they are a bit thin for my liking. Maybe add a bit of flesh to her calves for realism. :thumbs_up:

Hands: i was warned about this, and they are as expected. Not very realistic, they bend awkward and need to be protected. On par with other brands i guess. :thumbs_down:

Feet: non-standing option. I'm not a foot fetish person but her feet are very soft and a blessing to touch, toes are wobbly but i expected this. :thumbs_up:

Skeleton: Since i have no experience with other dolls i went for the normal tightness on the joints. Moving her limbs around requires a bit of power but i think it will become better. Her back joint is very hard to re-position, might be because of the learning curve or because i'm afraid i will hurt her. I know she can arch her back forwards/backwards but i wonder if she can twist left/right (anyone can enlighten me on this?). She has a screeching noise coming from her right hip/leg joint tho. Might be possible to fix that but it's not annoying me (yet) :thumbs_up:

Orifices: Labia looks realistic and feels great, Anus looks slightly less detailed, but on par with other manufacturers. Vulva placement is a bit unrealistic but not an issue. Went with an insert so can only comment on her backdoor: her anus feels great, not too tight just perfect. I won't use it tho as cleaning this orifice is to much hassle for me. :thumbs_up:

Insert: It's almost impossible for me to enter her with the insert where it belongs. I even have a hard time penetrating the insert when it's outside the body. I'm built slightly above average (pics available if needed, send pm with paypal info) :lol: Overall this is the worst part for me. :thumbs_down:

Weight: Feels really heave when she's in the box, once she's out in the open she's not really hard to handle. I'm average built, and i'm not very strong. I would estimate her weight to be exactly what 6YE advertises, 28,5kg with head attached. Since i have no scale yet, i cannot go into it more. :thumbs_up:

Summary: overall i'm very happy with her. For me she looks/feels great for cuddling and anal. 6YE did a outstanding job. A lot more pro's than con's.

My suggestions for 6YE:
what i think needs your immediate attention: create inserts in different sizes (wideness mostly, depth seems ok). "One size fits all" doesn't work for some of us due to difference between races, i cannot begin to imagine how a full-sized African male would feel with your inserts. I don't think this is a great cost for you to build a few sizes, and i think you will make your customers happy with this easy fix.

For the future i would suggest maybe a bit more detail to the lower legs (calves) and maybe look into placement/angle of front orifice. Another thing i would greatly enjoy is a moaning function (preferably linked to a motion detector if possible) and maybe a built-in heating system for those long winter nights.

Last on my wishlist: create a sleeping version of your most popular heads (like WM do).

My 2 cents

EDIT: added weight section


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 Post subject: Re: Newbie rating of a 6YE 166cm A cup
PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:43 am 
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Senior Member
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Great review Moozes!
Direct and to the point...
That's a sexy lady doll you got.

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 Post subject: Re: Newbie rating of a 6YE 166cm A cup
PostPosted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:56 am 
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Joined: Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:44 am
Posts: 55
Location: Belgium
Must add for completion:

Indigo adviced me to saturate the insert with baby oil, to try and make it softer ... it worked.
I also read in multiple places that i probably needed to get used to doll love. Have to admit, things go smoother now, it's all about the angles :)

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