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 Post subject: Re: Is this a good skeleton for a TPE doll?
PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:29 pm 
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Dollstudio wrote:
TPE dolls are on the other end of this pricing range. Customers ask for dolls that cost rather $600 than $1200. Now consider that argument what a established manufacturer considers "commercially impossible" for a doll in the $6000-$8000 range. What could be realistically possible for a doll that costs only a fraction of this in retail?

What we need to understand is that TPE manufacturers are working with absurdly low budgets. 2/3 and recently even 3/4 of the retail price is eaten by shipping, handling and import fees. If a skeleton takes an hour to assemble and adjust, the resulting doll would be unsellable expensive.


Hey Sandro,

That's actually a very fair point, and something i never even considered myself. It explains some manufacturer's reluctant approach to redesigning aspects that have been shown to have weaknesses. I understand it has to be financially viable.

Surely there must be a middle ground to be found somewhere where everybody gets what they wants... even though i do appreciate the very accessible price point of the entry level models.

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 Post subject: Re: Is this a good skeleton for a TPE doll?
PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:17 am 
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I like that ball joints and more pivot points are being explored. Being a machinist, the subject is double interesting to me. Most ball joints are swaged together, meaning the female side is rolled or pressed over the male side and it is pretty much a permanent connection. The female side can be split, and fashioned into a clamp type config. Ball joints can also be lined with special materials like bearing bronze or hightec plastics like delrin, used in many prosthetics. I have actually done work on these. Without access to the allen screws, adjustable ball joints are useless, and expensive.
I do like the suggestion of blow molded or 3d printed chest cavity, for weight saving and realism, but we have to remember that the silicone or tpe mold has to support the frame, suspended, in center or the mold, for even casting of the fleshy bits. I have only seen a little of the inside of one of the factories, and to me, it looks like a challenge to create a perfect mold every time. They just don't have the infrastructure of, say a modern automobile factory. Its a labor intensive, hands on, craft skill. just have to say, I am glad they keep making thing better, and bringing cost down. Bravo!

To any manufacturers out there, I am available for free consult. I have 30+ years in machining and manufacturing, and would love to help make dolls better!

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