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 Post subject: Re: Arrival of Fantasia
PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:05 pm 
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ImaAssManSkibbyDee wrote:
mandingo wrote:
The perfect day to write this review of this BBW Booty Fantasia on HUMP DAY!!!!! So after the long wait for this review I am a very satified customer of Fantasia, the only regret I have now was not know how the 21 inch booty was like! Just like the other, I also recieved her in the morning by a FEDEX guy moaning and groaning about how heavy it was until I got a hold to it, said 96LBS but it knowing that Im a Tall strong guy it wasn't too much difficult for me to get it off the truck. Everything was easy to set up,I love the wiggle and jiggle while you smack her during casual play or ruff shit! The only thing that I didn't try doing with her was having her ride me I will find out soon by the end of this week or next week on how she does when it comes to cowgirl style!! The only difficult part about her was trying to get her out of the tub believe me if you are not strong if you are over 3 feet and you nut in her prepare to face the consequences!!Below are some pics of her that took forever to take

PS. THANK YOU CARLOS AND BIGBUTTLOVER as well for creating such a Beautiful Piece of ass..I meant work......... :whistle:

Hi, I keep asking this same question and I keep getting the revolving door :/

I notice the line on the cheeks about half way up, kinda on top of this booty. Is this from manufacturing?? I need to know if this line is permanent or not, I am excited to order one of these but I don't want to lose my immersion by staring at this line :( I have OCD bad bad bad and I couldn't do anything but stare at this line :((( Is this temporary line or is it permanent? I understand that this piece is very large and probably requires two parts to be moulded together but my interest (and something else) is starting to falter the more I notice this line :( Please let me know if you can and or have the time, I need this booty in my life but my ocd cannot stand lines X(


Respectfully do not order a unit if you want a unit without seam lines. Let's not waste each others time. Seam lines are unavoidable. Short, sweet, and simple. I repeat, do not order from us. Any attempt from you will be refunded. :thumbs_up:



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