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 Post subject: TERMS of USE
PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:06 am 
Site Owners Group
Site Owners Group
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It has been brought to our attention that some people have been spreading misinformation about TDF's Terms of Use to push their own agenda.

TDF DOES NOT and NEVER HAS claimed copyright or ownership to member material.

ALL members own copyright to their intellectual property - both pictures and writings.

TDF Members grant TDF the permissions needed in order for the gallery to create thumbnails and intermediate sized images. Also, TDF might display your gallery thumb on the front page to highlight your gallery.

Any usage off site even to promote the site will require permissions from the owner under the current agreement.

The Rules and Terms of Use can be found at the bottom of ALL pages.

Please direct any questions to management via PM.

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 Post subject: ToU FAQ by Synthyours
PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:07 am 
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Server Admin Emeritus
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Hi Ladies, Gents, and Dolls,

While I was idling in chat today (read: sleeping at the keyboard), I noticed a comment by a member who was concerned that TDF owns the copyright to photos posted at The Doll Album. I know there was an issue with the TOU when we first drafted them, but we clarified them after listening to member concerns. Although I'm not a "front line" moderator, as the server administrator working on a rather fantastic software upgrade, I do spend a lot of time at TDF; it's a community that has become important to me during the time I've spent here, and I really dislike it when people are mis-informed.

I just wanted to clarify a few things about the TOU. Consider this an FAQ thread where you can ask any questions you still have and get an answer from an administrator.

Q: Does TDF own the copyright to my images?

A: No. TDF does not own the copyright to your images, even if you post them. In legalese we have a license to display your photos in our gallery software and on our website. The copyright to your images is yours as soon as you create the image and it stays with you until you sell or transfer it to another entity. You're free to revoke our license to use your photos, at any time, by removing them from The Doll Album.

Q: So, if you wanted to make a coffee table book of doll photos, could you do that without my permision?

A: No. Even if we could do that, we would do our members the courtesy of asking prior to using their photographs in any work not published on TDF, The Doll Album, or CoverDoll. We are very careful to respect our members' rights and feelings, as well as their intellectual property.

Q: So, what if I want to publish a coffee table book of photos that I also have in The Doll Album?

A: As the copyright holder, you're entitled to do that. You can grant as many licenses to your work as you like, provided you haven't entered into an exclusive agreement with anyone else. By the way, your agreement with us is NON-EXCLUSIVE... just like that girl you dated in high school when you also wanted to date that smokin' hot cheerleader.

Q: Why are the TOU necessary? We never had TOU like these before.

A: We're taking a preventative legal approach that protects both owners and members.

Q: Is TDF a business or a hobby site?

A: TDF originally started as a completely "not for profit" website paid for out of the pockets of the few enthusiasts that started it. Who was to know what great success it would enjoy as a community meeting place. Continued growth created higher performance demands and it became necessary for TDF to find a source of revenue outside of member donations which now fell short of paying the bills. TDF started generating income (to pay the server bills) via the toy store. At this point it technically became a business by definition or a dot com as some might word it. Economic downturns resulted in additional shortfalls for TDF meeting it's expenses and these shortfalls were covered by Bill, the owner. Bill recently retired and sold the forum to two very enthusiastic community members, Kharn and Midiman/Bianca who pledged to put TDF back on a sound financial foundation. Also they pledged to give TDF members a more relaxed environment and also a stronger voice. That pledge has been honored. One can call it a business, however as dot coms run TDF would be a bad financial investment. It is more a labor of love by community members like yourselves and run by a large group of volunteers, while the advertising and toy store pay the bills, making membership fees unnecessary.

Also, donations are being used for site improvements as in the case of a brand new Chat system and upgraded forum software.

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