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 Post subject: suki review
PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:49 pm 

Joined: Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:19 pm
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I received suki a few months ago and had no time to sit down and write a review. I wish I videoed the box opening but not very tech savvy .I purchased this as a masturbation enhancer, not something to sleep or travel with . My review will be more of a sexual based review.
first off right out of the box she was very beautiful , I picked the blonde hair blue eyes option. I had fears of a child like
appearance ,I never felt this myself. She is small just a click under 4feet tall . Which I will now say makes many things easier like storage.
She fits under a bed with no problem .... Sexy stripper clothes has been a problem since she is small , still working on finding striper heels in a Childs 9 lol Her breasts are dam near perfect .Ass is cute and instant turn on .She has a flat stomach which is also kinda cool . Her skin is fantastic and only gets better with a little powder . Her face is a dream , the mouth is a hair small and there is a eye bulge during oral. Mouth also has a cool suction that adds a little realism . Wig is a little large for her head I solved that bye a little knot in the wig strap. I lay the wig out when not in use to avoid any tangles. Her head gave me a hair of trouble lining up at 12oclock ,simple washer solved that problem as well . Currently designing a cedar chest for permanent storage . Hopefully I can figure out how to post those pics . Her vagina is also small but does stretch a bit ,with some nice added textures inside. Anal also has textures ,inside for pleasure. Cleaning is not a 5second deal ,but I am getting better . Will keep an eye out for some technique that will help. All her pleasure entrances get the job done in no time . Actually I finish faster with her than I do with a real girl , not sure why . Her joints move well on my model , in matter fact I have not lost one nail on any feet or hands . Mig is very helpful with any problems ,he responded to my texts pretty quick .
Overall the time from order to pick up was about a week .
Unfortunately my vagina came with some damage , mig offered a partial refund which makes me believe he cares about his product and customer base . Will admit looking at suri these days lol
I am not going anywhere anytime soon I will be on here from time to time . Anyone have questions hit me up .
The big test now is longevity of the doll , only time will tell .
Thanks mike [video_jibjab][/video_jibjab]

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 Post subject: Re: suki review
PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:27 pm 
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Thank you for posting your review of Suki.

DollAfficionado (D.A.) 8)
Review of my SUKI doll from Sili Doll viewtopic.php?f=253&t=73439
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