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 Post subject: YL155D - Chloe review
PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:10 pm 
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This was my first doll purchase and I decided on buying from The Doll House because a) they were a UK seller and b) Phil seemed to have nothing but great things to be said about him.

My order was the following

YL 155CM D-Cup

Light Tan Skin

Standard Mouth

Large Areolas Flesh Coloured

Removable Vagina(Plus Spare)

Grey And Brown Eyes

Stand Up Feet

Flight Case

Head#172 with #1 Wig

Clear and natural Nails

No Pubic Hair


I was torn between multiple different models but eventually settled on a YL155D because of its curves and the best bubble butt within my weight range.
The weight of these dolls was a serious issue for me, knowing that I would be having to keep it hidden meant I did not have the luxury of having it on display all the time.
I am not a muscular guy - I am 6'2 and built like a scarecrow - with some of these dolls weighing in at nearly 75% of my body weight.

I knew I wanted athletic but also with some curves. My biggest concern would be the doll would look too "doll like" with thin limbs and tiny frame.
The YL155D seemed to have the perfect balance for me. While I would have loved to have a taller doll - the extra weight was a no no.

Phil was at hand to offer his words of advice via email (which he responded to within minutes on most days) and suggested some good models to look at.

While the body took a great deal of consideration - the head I desired was an easy one. I saw the #172 "Elf" head on a rival websites gallery page and was immediately taken by it.
Unfortunately - Phil's website, while having an extensive selection of heads to choose from - lacked this particular design.

On a whim, I emailed Phil to ask if he could source it for me and within minutes, it was available on the website. Talk about service!!

My last query was on skin tone - I knew I wanted an athletic tone which left me with Light Tan and Dark Tan. Having seen numerous images, I noticed that it could often vary between dolls and could even appear as a cocoa or a sunburnt look. To be sure I got the correct tone, I attached a photo of a WM stock gallery photo and requested the same tone and nipple colurs.

Again, this was no hassle for Phil/Charlie.


I ordered on 22/05/2018 via The Doll House website - which was a smooth and hassle free experience with the "body builder" tool. Another reason I decided on using The Doll House was the huge variety and amount of customisation available to the buyer - it vastly outshined many other vendors.

Despite my lengthy research - I managed to get confused between 2 dolls and accidentally ordered the WM158 instead of the YL155. Luckily, Phil and his colleague Charlie were there to rectify the issue immediately for me via email.

Again, like a fool I forgot all about the accessories I had meant to add to the order but alas Charlie was there again to add it to the order for me.

The waiting game

This was by far the most nerve wrecking part of the process - not just because of the impatience - but the nagging sensation within my head thinking "Did I order the right one? Now it doesn't look so great in photos..."

Trust me - try to relax and believe in your decision. Once you see the doll in person, all those doubts fade away.

9 days later - Factory photos

On 31/05/2018 I received the factory photos of Chloe - 9 days from the point of ordering. She was beautiful - much better than I had even hoped for. I had one small doubt about the skin tone but this was from the factory lighting making it seem much paler than she really is.



The doll was delivered by UPS on 06/06/2018 - only 15 days from the date of ordering! I could hardly believe how fast the turn around was - not expecting it until mid month at the earliest I found myself caught short still shopping for supplies.

The flightcase added quite a bit of weight to the overall package, bringing it up to 55kg (according to the paperwork). It took 2 burly delivery men to lug it up our steps and into the house.

Be prepared for the "It isn't a dead body is it?" comments. I laughed and told them it was audio equipment.

I am very glad I purchased the flightcase because the outer cardboard box was a mess - it had certainly been bumped quite a few times in transit and had fist sized holes on most of the corners. So much so that you could see the flightcase inside. I shudder to think of the state of the doll if I had not added it to the order. And while I am not intending to use it for storage, it will be useful should I ever wish to pass the doll on (not likely but hey!).

Its great for the extra protection and secure storage (yes it has 3 key operated locks on it) - it is very big and heavy. For this particular doll, it measures 160 x 49 x 31 cm.
Because of the extra bulk and weight, there was no way I could carry it up stairs all in one so had to carry Chloe out of her case separately. Bare this mind should you need to keep it private.

Inside the case was very well protected with a custom cutout of the doll. Her feet and hands were wrapped up for added protection.
Interesting, while every other photo I have seen , it lacked the usual pink blanket the doll comes wrapped in, instead it was just a clear plastic bag. Whether they ran out or don't include it with a flightcase order I am not sure.

Accessories included a brush, a douche, white gloves and a pink floral kimono style dress.
No TPE stain remover or repair kit so make sure you get this separately.



I could not be happier with the quality of the doll or the service provided by The Doll House.
Every question, worry and request were answered and dealt with efficiently and professionally.

The doll itself is amazing, while I have not yet had a chance to "try her out" due to privacy issues, I have enjoyed the initial wash and oil session.
I am glad I did not go any heavier as it is not a light doll - especially when lifting it and out of under bed storage. Think twice about your first doll choice - I really wouldn't recommend any heavier unless you are ripped.

There was an initial TPE smell which closely resembled previous sex toys I have owned. It faded within a couple hours.

I keep her stored under my ottoman bed on a 3" piece of memory foam and covered in a white microfiber blanket.
To anyone considering this doll and storing her in a similar way - her highest point (chest) is 21cm high.

I look forward to sharing more photos when I have the chance to take them.

Additionally, I purchased an M16 magnetic head connector from Indigo and cannot recommend it enough. It is so easy to install and makes storage so much quicker.

Storage under my bed

The absolutely stunning #172 "Elf" Head

Chloe's first snapshot

Chloe the Sexy YL155D Elf
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 Post subject: Re: YL155D - Chloe review
PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:37 pm 
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Hi and congratulations on your new gal, she is an absolute stunner! The YL155D is a wonderful body to go for, as you say, there are some significant curves but with a manageable weight. I've been thinking that head 172 reminded me of the actress Laura Vandervoort who played Supergirl in Smallville, no bad thing! Well I shall be keeping an eye out for more pics so don't keep us waiting too long, I've a 155D myself, Monique and she is frequently picked as the favourite when folk meet my gals.

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 Post subject: Re: YL155D - Chloe review
PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:40 am 
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DSCF6761.JPG [ 1.16 MiB | Viewed 896 times ]

More photos of Chloe can be found HERE :D

Chloe the Sexy YL155D Elf
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 Post subject: Re: YL155D - Chloe review
PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:59 pm 
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And so the adventure begins.

Zenobia - WM163 H-cup - Eye Candy - Albums - 10 Week Journal - BFF!
Gnothi seauton
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