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 Post subject: Review AI S+ with Fay and Sonia head
PostPosted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:45 am 
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This is my review for the doll 4woods body AI S+ with Fay (Hatsuki) and Sonia head purchased in France at
Details: Skin medium, nipples sexy pink, areolas medium, eyes light brown, nails round, colour natural, realistic vagina/shaved, toenails natural.
All other body options where included in the offer.

Wherever I state that a statement is given by I have evidence through email conversation.

The body and Fay head was ordered on 08.07.2017 using the ordering form provided on the website (at that time Dollstory), the Sonia head was ordered on 28.09.2017 through email.
Communications with has been very prompt until I have done the first payment, afterwards some mails needed as much as 3 weeks to get an answer.
Initial delivery date was 11.09.2017 (no pun intended), postponed to 4 weeks later on 17.08.2017. The doll was delivered on 10.10.2017.

The Fedex guy could not help me to carry the box to the second floor, he only helped me to get it inside the building. For this reason I had to unpack the doll in the stairway as fast as possible and could not take pictures (I still have the complete box).
I was surprised that besides the body being wrapped in a cotton bag there was no filling material in the box, just some carton spacers to separate the head and other accessories.
Free space around the body was approximately 15cm (6”).

1st inspection:
So far I could not detect any serious transport damage, there were 3 little abrasion marks on the inside of her left thigh which I could not identify as original or made by my hasty transportation within the bag and over 2 stories narrow staircase.
At this point, reacted promptly and sent me a repair set for free!
We even had a short Skype video conference for instructions how to use it.
Unwrapping her from the cotton bag I immediately noticed the hip joints being “loose” in the forward/backward direction and did not like that.
There is a complete repair set for minor damages, a syringe for cleaning, powder, a light pink lingerie set (a little large in cup size), a wooden rod for detaching the head (had to deburr sharp edges first) and as a special for me a set of green eyes.

Look and feel:
She looks really great and there is a high level of detail to the body. She even has calfs on her lower legs.
Hands and feet are outstanding detailed, both made of harder silicone for protection. stated to have improved the finger skeleton, I can agree but have no comparison.
The skin is somehow textured and feels very real, softness is given in the right places and the breasts are simply incredible to touch and squeeze.

I have determined the weight of the body to 30.3 kg, the head (no wig) is 1.7 kg.
The website still shows 26kg for the AI S+ (it is not stated if body only or complete doll), which was one of the reasons I ordered her and that specification is exceeded by 16.5%.

Skeleton and posability:
The skeleton is good in posability, outstanding is the range of the legs to the sides and forward/upward.
The recent skeleton has also capability to rotate the upper body against the hips, which is new to my knowledge
A little drawback is the rotation range of the wrist ending up in +/- 90°.
Joints stiffness vary over the various joints.
the hips are (what I call) loose in the forward/ backward direction, the right hip cannot hold his own weight, the left leg can only hold the weight, nothing else (e.g. shoes), see video (sorry for the crappy format, but I did not want to show my face).

[ Play Quicktime file ] AISplus-legs.mp4 [ 1.22 MiB | Viewed 1942 times ]

The elbows are sensitive to rotation and for some positions of the upper arms the forearms start following gravity, see video. It is worse with the doll lying flat.

[ Play Quicktime file ] elbows.mp4 [ 1.6 MiB | Viewed 2021 times ]

For both, hip and elbow, left side is a little stiffer than right.
The neck is too hard to move. Anything else has satisfying posability and can hold position.

2nd head:
delivered 18.01.2018 with wrong makeup, 4woods agreed to replace the head.
Update 2018-08-24:
I received the replacemant head today in good quality.
It is exactly 7 months after 4woods agreement to send a replacement and 11 months after ordering the second head.


I would be very happy with this doll if there was not the issue with the joints.
I am a passionate photographer for my girls and the hips/elbows joints limit posability and aggravate dressing/undressing.
Last but not least, intercourse is affected by this as well, I have to care/hold for leg positions and moving forearms (up to today I did not succeed).

Spending 5750 € for a doll which does not meet my expectations just hurts.

Rant: stated they have a standard process for manufacturing, this foresees the hips to be adjusted as described above.
When I was complaining about the legs not holding position and asking for correction, they said this is not correctable on a finished doll and they could not know I wanted “hard joints”.
I had ordered via the order form, it does not state anything about joint stiffness.
Why should I know their standard is what I call loose?
And if they know it is not correctable, isn’t it their duty to ask the customer what he wants?
All 4woods from Japan have stiff hip joints as far as I know.

Within all the discussions I had asked TDF staff to moderate for the issue, it ended up with writing “with full support of TDF management”.
Final statement by was “your doll suffers no manufacture defect“ and therefore they do nothing about it.
Not a single hint for a possible solution besides ordering a new body at full price

Having discussions with the joints stiffness, I tried to cancel the order of the 2nd head.
The answer was “all orders are final” and I could cancel the order with a refund of half the price “minus any eventual bank fees”. So I agreed to keep the order but asked to have a more discreet make up than originally ordered. confirmed to do that and failed with the actual delivery.

Since I have some experience in repairing silicone girls (2x145cm) I asked for information about the elbow and hip joints but the question was ignored up to now.

For dicussions please use:


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