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 Post subject: Aiko 80cm
PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:22 am 
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Original Topic: Very very late Aiko 80cm review...

and when I said late I meant very very late.

Was in the neighborhood and thought I'll drop by. Think I bought the 80cm around June or August I can't recall. Aiko doll was very responsive to my emails they even offered to give me a discount since I was a returning customer. I ended up getting Tan, black wig and the new marshmellow mixture they made.

A week later and the doll arrived. It was very nice especially the head, the head scupting was something else, you put on the wig and the doll was very apealing. The body could be more bigger esp. the butt area. The range of motion is very life. Skeleton is very loose which made movement easy.

However during our first night I notice a pointy object within the vaginal cavity. I had a long thought about what it because I checked and everything was perfect on arrival. It then hit me that it may have been a waist joint. And I was right.

If you were to spread the legs and made the doll do a split the waist joint on both side of the torso will collide with each othee and veing that they are in a cube shape there is a chance that it might penetrate the vaginal area. Aiko doll did seem to fix this because it would be place in such a manner that the sharp end avoid any penetration but the chance of it happening it still there.

One other problem I had with the waist joint is that it would seldom snap if bend her legs more then 90ish degree, you can reattach them as they are just like snapping two peice objects together but you have to open her up.

All in all the doll is very very nice; the head scupt is very beautiful. The body is well thought of but the skeleton needs some tweeking; the lower half of the torso so be precise.

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