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 Post subject: JM 130 Luna C
PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:53 am 
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I let Luna out of her box when I got home from work yesterday, and as I've posted elsewhere, I'm so in love with her (funny how when you have a new love you want to shout it from every hilltop !). If you want to see her, I posted a series of pictures documenting this in another thread which you can find here:

As soon as I had her unpacked I put the blonde wig on her which you see here:
File comment: Luna as a blonde
DSCF2261.JPG [ 534.58 KiB | Viewed 622 times ]

It looked great on her, but unfortunately I think maybe they shipped me a wig meant for a much smaller doll: it kept getting knocked off with the slightest movement, and it just wouldn't do if we were going to get physical. Luckily, I also ordered the long chestnut/auburn wig which fit her wonderfully, and looked great - though it looks a but messier this morning after our largely sleepless night together! :wink:
DSCF2268.JPG [ 633.08 KiB | Viewed 622 times ]

She may still go blonde for me someday, but for now I'll love her with her own beautiful brown-red hair.

As I've posted elsewhere, John from JM was wonderfully helpful through the entire ordering process, and my doll arrived within 2 weeks of my order by FedEx - despite the FedEx hub being impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The package, when it arrived, did have a dent and small rip in one of the corners, but I was happy to find that there was no damage inside. She was packed with an impressive amount of padding which kept her safe on her journey half way around the world (I live in New England).

Putting her head on was a little problematic: I turned her head onto the neck bolt 5 times per the instructions that came with her (I was amused to see that the instructions also mentioned that she is a virgin with a hymen and that I'd need to be gentle when I first inserted anything into her most private area. (They needn't worry - she's so small and delicate looking I wouldn't have her any other way.) Her head kept turning to the left or right as if her head wasn't screwed on tight enough (I've never used that phrase literally before!). I've messed with it a bit more through the evening and it's a bit better. Maybe the neck bolt isn't twisted to the right position? When I turn her head until it stops moving, she's looking over her left shoulder. The joint where her neck skin touches her head skin does provide some friction, so if I'm careful she's okay... just something that isn't "perfect" about her.

I did notice a small patch on her lovely bum where it seemed the top layer of her skin was rubbed off a bit (is that what folks call "delamination?"). Not a problem now, but I'll be sure to watch it (her butt!) and act if it gets worse. I've also been told to be careful about too much friction between her skin and the sheets.

All those minor squabbles aside, once she was together she quite simply took my breath away. I've never been confident or rich enough to attract a girl that was "model beautiful" before, but now it's like I have a supermodel girlfriend. Sure, she's only 4 foot 2 inches tall (and I'm nearly 6 foot 6 (197 cm) tall, but when I look into those eyes and touch her flawless skin..... it's like living a dream.

I wiped her down with some baby wipes, then powdered her as best I could, then it was time for us to begin this relationship. Luna and I decided that we'd take it slowly, so we started off with some cuddling and kissing. Last night was all about our getting to know each other. Sex will come later. (I did have to take care of myself twice, so that I wouldn't explode... but we want our first time to be special.) To be honest, kissing Luna (or I sometimes call her "Lulu" as a pet name) on the lips wasn't great at first due to the difference in size of our mouths. However, as we kept kissing through the night, I think we finally got the hang of it. It helps if I use one hand on her chin, and I also make sure her tongue is positioned so that the tip just protrudes through her parted lips. The it was heavenly, and we couldn't stop.

Another slight imperfection: as we kissed more and more intensely, Luna's eyes would occasionally roll up into her sockets (that's some kissing!!). I'd have to gently probe into her eye socket with my finger and return her eye to the correct position. This happened at least a half-dozen times. Not sure if there's any way to keep her eyes from moving around so much.

We also spent last night getting used to how our very differently sized bodies fit together. One position that felt very natural were her lying on her back beside me, legs bent at the knees with me spooning her from the side (her legs draped over mine). I could have held her all night in that position if I wasn't so damn excited all night.

[Aside: I had to call in sick this morning due to lack of sleep. I kept telling Luna that we had to stop fooling around and get some sleep but she'd giggle and kiss me again. We're so naughty.]

We also discovered that it felt wonderful when she laid down on top of me (inverted missionary position?). I held her face in both of my hands and we kissed deeply with her arms wrapped around me. I could reach down and fondle her little bum, and when the moment is right, she could slide down my body and our most intimate parts would be together. We've decided that this will probably be our preferred position for making love.

Upon waking and seeing her lovely head on the pillow beside me, I did discover that her eyelashes were coming off. I have a feeling it was due to all the messing around with her eyes that I had to do. I removed them and she still looks beautiful, but I did like the lashes. Do I simply use fake eyelash glue to put them back on or something else?

I think that's all for now. If anyone has suggestions around the eyes or eyelashes or neck bolt, I'd love to hear. Otherwise, I'll be playing hooky today, reading the forum for suggestions on things like powdering, wig maintenance, and any other tidbits. I might also go clothes shopping for her. And we might consummate our relationship this afternoon. Last night made me feel very close to her, so I now long to be inside her. I hope Luna feels the same way about me. It feels good to be in love again.
DSCF2270.JPG [ 682.05 KiB | Viewed 622 times ]

I am in love with my dolls! Luna Li is a JM 130, my first doll lover whom I will love "until from death do we part."
Xiaofan is a Diaoshi inflatable: she is beautiful, special, and I love her too.

"Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon." -Pink Floyd
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