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 Post subject: Review of wm157 b cup - December 2017
PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:01 pm 
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Hello again fellow doll lovers! This will be my review for the new wm157 b cup. I have decided to adopt a similar approach to the wm140 review i did a while back, so i will try to break everything down into individual categories, give my impressions and every aspect will be rated out of 10. I will base my review on making comparisons with my wm 140 that i have had for about 7 months now.

Now on to the star of the show!! Right off the bat i can tell you that WM has made such a huge amount of progress since my first doll Sophie who i have had for 7 months now. I will try to make comparisons between the two as much as possible so as to demonstrate how far their products have come since then.


WM still have some room for improvement in the packaging department, but overall their packaging is very good. Ample padding everywhere, limbs were protected by foam wrapping, the feet by sturdy foam blocks and she arrived without any injuries. If it looks like my box has been opened, it's because it was. Canadian Customs love to inspect my dolls. Aside from a stain left by the customs officer's black gloves that came out easily by rubbing it with oil, they repacked her in decent condition. I'm glad i went to pick her up at the airport though.

WEIGHT: 9/10

For such a tall doll, the wm-157 b cub is very light, coming in at just over 60 lbs. Compared to my wm 140 (50 lbs) she is only slightly heavier... i can definitely manage to move her around very easily by using good technique despite my back problems. While reducing weight is always something worth pursuing, i believe that at 60 lbs she is just heavy enough to feel real to me without being too hard to move around. Perfect balance of weight / convenience.

TPE SMELL: 9.5/10

Mellisa had a very discrete fruity smell common with tpe straight out of the box, gave her a good wash and it's already completely gone.
Definitely less smell than my 140 had, big improvement here.


This is really where WM's new tpe blend shines. It's literally night and day compared to my older 140. The material is wayyyyyy softer and bounces and jiggles just like a real girl does. It feels much stretchier, less prone to tearing and much more durable at first glance, time will tell!

Upgraded SKELETON: 10/10

I opted for the new skeleton introduced just a few weeks ago. This is another area where wm has done a lot of improvements... the new hinged neck feels very sturdy and offers a much wider range of movement, the articulations are much easier to bend and hold their pose nicely. Feels very smooth and sturdy throughout. The standing feet option is AMAZING to play with. It really brings so much more realism to her when she can stand up and the feet feel very sturdy. The hands have received HUGE upgrades as well quality wise... her palm plate feels great and the finger wires look like they might actually last a long time unless i'm not careful. BIG, BIG, BIG thumbs up for the new skeleton. I can't speak for the shrugging shoulders as i asked them to make them extra tight but the shoulders also have some front to back movement... looks and feels great when cuddling! Speaking of cuddling, the new skeleton has a few new points of articulation, and it feels absolutely amazing when cuddling with her because her skeleton will bend itself to match the shape of my body in such ways that were not possible with my 140. I hope you get what i mean... it really feels amazing and is one of the little things that make all the difference for me!

ORRIFICES (inserts): 10/10

Personally, having experienced both built in and inserts, i really can't tell the difference. Their newer models looks just as good down there with or without the inserts, and having the convenience of just pulling the insert out for quick cleaning is a godsend when i used to have to use femidoms or clean Sophie after each go... from now on i will definitely go with inserts without question.


The first thought i had when i first put her on was ''HOLY SHIT'' she looks so real!! Yes, tpe dolls have come a long way and imo are giving silicone dolls a serious run for their money. I've not owned a silicone doll before, but to me Mellisa is as real as it gets and i couldn't be happier with her. Factory makeup is very nice although it still fades out as soon as you rub it with oil... no change there.


I'll say it again, wm really has come a long way in 2017, comparing Mellisa to Sophie feels like night and day! Better tpe, better skeleton, hinged neck, shrugging shoulders, better body sculpt, much sturdier palm plates and finger wires. Considering the relatively low price point, this doll punches way above her weight and feels like a very high end product on all accounts. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!
You must be thinking... wow this is a pretty high score!! Surely ZD is exaggerating somewhat? Trust me... i kid you not!!
:thumbs_up: :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:

For pictures, here is her thread:

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