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 Post subject: Doll-To review. Thanks, Bud!!!
PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:38 pm 
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I guess this is the first review in this section... It's my first review too, so here goes :)

I recently received my first doll, a DS163, and based on my low experience level and my high anxiety for screwing something up, I decided to go through Bud at Doll-to. He seemed like a really nice and boutique agent to help me get what I wanted and help avoid any nightmares as some have experienced with shipping or anything else. I'll skip to the point and say that I'm very happy I did!

I was able to order my doll thru Bud including a custom combination of loose and tight joints and he submitted the order for me. He invoiced me directly and I was able to pay with my choice of methods through paypal. When the doll was delayed at the factory he helped figure out why and explained it to me. He send me the pictures from the factory too. When the doll arrived to him and he gave me a very thorough inspection report with even more pictures! He also re-packed and shipped my doll even more securely than DS would.

Unfortunately, on the way to me from Texas there was some damage to the foot. The ankle was jammed too far up, but bud talked me through the process and sent me pictures of the foot bones to help me figure it out. With his encouragement, and pictures, I was able to snap the foot back down but it took all my strength! I was afraid I would need to cut into the foot to fix the bolt, and that's probably what I would have tried if I was on my own (forum members also recommended it) but Bud walked me through it and the foot is totally fine now, no surgery required!

Overall I am very happy customer and I'd recommend Doll-to for anyone, especially someone with no experience ordering dolls, or someone that wants an US based agent to mediate their transactions. It's been a pleasure and I'm very happy with my new lady :)

Thanks Bud!!!

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