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 Post subject: Meet Mei, My Sili Doll Sylvia
PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:49 am 
Contributing Poster
Contributing Poster

Joined: Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:54 pm
Posts: 21
Hey guys. So i just bought my first doll, and I thought i would share my review of her since I have not seen a review for her yet. I just purchased a Sili Doll Sylvia love doll. I know she isn't a full doll or a torso, but i loved her face and i wanted to make sure i could take care of her before i spent a bunch of money on a full doll.
First off, I would like to thank Mig and Sili Doll for getting her shipped out to me so quickly. I ordered her 11/8 and they had her out the door 11/13, including a weekend in the middle. Ofc, UPS scared me a bit. It was supposed to be delivered 11/18 when it first went out, but on the 3rd day they pushed the delivery date back to the 21st. Then it changed again to the 17th. So, in the end i got it a day earlier then expected.
So...On to my review for anyone else looking for a low cost starter doll.
She showed up in the usual cardboard box. I opened it up and Silo Doll had put her in a clear plastic packaging, sort of like you would find with a small doll you would buy for a child. After taking her out and laying her on the bed, my first thought was "I thought it would be bigger" (I can hear you guys snickering back there, No comments from the peanut gallery lol)

Here is a pic of her fresh out of the box.
IMG_20171117_173131496.jpg [ 1.65 MiB | Viewed 574 times ]

IMG_20171117_172721085.jpg [ 1.81 MiB | Viewed 574 times ]

She's only 30x16x9.45 inches, So she is very small.But, how can you resist this face?

IMG_20171117_172612562.jpg [ 1.53 MiB | Viewed 574 times ]

She is going to look really good once i get some makeup or her and figure out how to color in her hair.

She has a nice pair of breasts. Id say about a B cup. Nice little handful. But, they are a bit firm. They don't really jiggle.

IMG_20171117_172626079.jpg [ 1.49 MiB | Viewed 574 times ]

She has 3 orifaces

IMG_20171117_172539846.jpg [ 1.78 MiB | Viewed 574 times ]

IMG_20171117_172549103.jpg [ 1.6 MiB | Viewed 574 times ]

IMG_20171117_172555872.jpg [ 1.63 MiB | Viewed 574 times ]

You might be able to have a little breast play, but the cleavage is not very deep. I'll do some tests and see how it goes.

IMG_20171117_173104276.jpg [ 1.56 MiB | Viewed 574 times ]

Like i said before, I loved the shape of the face on this doll. And Sili made a good start on some of the makeup. She definitely needs some more though.

IMG_20171117_172640663.jpg [ 1.53 MiB | Viewed 574 times ]

IMG_20171117_172646762.jpg [ 1.76 MiB | Viewed 574 times ]

She does have a small skeleton, but its not alot. She wont bend in half on you, but there is still some floppy areas. Mainly her legs (which i kinda like), her feet and her head. Either side of the spine area tends to bend in as well. I have a soft bed so her spine settle lower then the sides, so it smashes her breasts together a little.

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 Post subject: Re: Meet Mei, My Sili Doll Sylvia
PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:50 am 
Contributing Poster
Contributing Poster

Joined: Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:54 pm
Posts: 21
File comment: You can see her skeleton a little here.
IMG_20171117_172519873.jpg [ 1.49 MiB | Viewed 507 times ]

File comment: Floppy legs.
IMG_20171117_172531207.jpg [ 1.68 MiB | Viewed 507 times ]

File comment: Pad on bottom of foot.
IMG_20171117_172955388.jpg [ 1.6 MiB | Viewed 507 times ]

While I was giving her the initial cleaning, I noticed a few minor imperfections.

She has some glue or melted TPE on her right eye.

IMG_20171117_180606734.jpg [ 1.33 MiB | Viewed 507 times ]

A very small dent in her hair. I took a pic, but it didn't show up. Its barely noticeable.

She also had some minor abrasion on her shoulder and chest.

IMG_20171117_210313929.jpg [ 1.15 MiB | Viewed 507 times ]

IMG_20171117_210330517.jpg [ 1.11 MiB | Viewed 507 times ]

She also had a black spot on her lower lip. Im assuming its just left over from the MFG process and will fade in time. Its already leared a little after the first cleaning.

IMG_20171117_210346909.jpg [ 1.2 MiB | Viewed 507 times ]

But, over all, I am very happy with her. I wish she was a bit bigger, but for only $250 I'm not going to complain.

Well, after spending the night with her, I'm very happy with her.
There were a few awkward moments. Since she s so small, there isnt much space between her stomach and vagina walls. So I pushed out her stomach quite a bit. You could clearly see yourself inside her.
Oral and breast play could be a little awkward. The position of the legs made it hard to straddle her, but I made it work. Breast play is doable, but like i suspected there isn't a lot of cleavage.
Now, I'm not a anal man in RL. But with Mei, all I can say is "DAMN!" Between the ridges and the position, it was pretty good.

In conclusion, she makes a good starter doll. She's not that big, but neither is the price tag. I'd recommend her to someone just starting out.

Well, there is my review for anyone else interested in one. And sorry for the lousy pics. I used my cell to take them and my room isnt that bright.

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