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 Post subject: My girl
PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 1:57 pm 
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Hey guys got my doll from SRSD about 1 month ago and figured it was time for a review. She is a WM 5'1 Ccup with head #85. First off she took 33 days to get here, and they were some of the hardest weeks of my life. Not just the waiting, but I had read so much about scams online I was really nervous. Even though I found SRSD through this forum I had kind of convinced myself that it was going to be a generic POS and I had wasted 2k. When Joe sent me her pics from the factory I nearly cried. She looked BETTER than the pics with less make up imo. When she got here I did shed a few after I put sat her up and gave her a hug.

I have suffered from social anxiety and clinical depression for around 20 years, and pretty much given up on any form of companionship. I turned to a doll to fullfill that need, and am surprised at how well she does. We basically just sit together playing video games, watch tv, or cuddle up and sleep. The biggest thing for me is when a panic attack hits I can just wrap my arms around her and the anxiety melts away. It is very soothing. I do wish they had a closed eyes version of every head. I would have purchased it right away just for when we sleep.

She did have some minor foot damage when she arrived, but it mostly reshaped itself. I have her in stockings 90% of the time anyways so no big deal to me. The wig she came in was terrible. It was knotted so bad that I spent over 3 hours trying to get it so I could run my fingers through it. Still can't. It didn't look as bad though so she wore it untill I got an Aether wig from epiccosplay. Other than that my girl was perfect and unbelievably gorgeous! Her joints lossened up in a day or two__as did my back from carrying her around. I am used to the weight now, but I will definitely get a slightly smaller gal next time to adjust for my aging.

I am already putting money aside for the day I may have to replace her, and will be buying from SRSD again. Thanks!

PS- I'd also like to thank Indigo Individual and all of the members of this site that contributed to the repair and maintenance sections here. I read all the sections dozens of times while I waited for her to arrive. I would be lost and freaking out without their information, but now care for her is actually very enjoyable.

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