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PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2008 10:55 pm 
Doll Mentor
Doll Mentor
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I know this topic is a few years old, but I just read it and it really strikes a personal chord with me.

First off, a very belated condolence to Slates family and friends. I feel your pain. Having someone passing with cancer is the worst thing imaginable. Let me explain.

My dad was a healthy person, until one day he started developing severe lower back pain. It got to be so bad that I could hear my dad howling in the background when I was talking to my mom that I told her "Get him to the Emergency Room today!"

My dad had recently had a physical. Showed nothing abnormal. He was just starting a new job and needed to get a physical for it. This was May 23rd, 1995

On June 18th, I made a call so I can talk to my dad. This was the call where I heard the excrusiating pain of my dad in the background and told my mom to get him into the ER. They went that night.

A few days (and many tests and x-rays) later, it was discovered that his liver was overridden with cancer.

On July 28th, 1995, my dad was dead. A little over a month after diagnosis. And to think he was going to start a new career just weeks before. He was 59 years old.

John Wayne once ran an advertisement campaign to get a regular check-up. My dad neglected to get checked regularly, and it costs him his life. One month from cancer diagnosis to the end.

Just recently, I had a serious medical condition occur that needed immediate treatment. Your health is not something to mess with.

This is no joke! Get a complete checkup today!

Rest in Peace Slate. :cry:

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:06 am 
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I don't remember Slate, but I can certainly identify with his and his family's story. It's happened often in my own family. Being in my late '50's, I, too, worry that any day now I could awaken with a strange pain or lump that, upon further investigation, could be a case of "Big C" that would have the potential to take my life.

The problem with "routine" physicals is that they often miss cancer in it early stages when it is most readily treated and eliminated. I read that the average person who dies from lung cancer had the tumors growing in his lungs for up to a DECADE before they got to the point where they would show up on a standard chest x-ray!

I was at a lecture on health about two months ago and the speaker said something that really caught my attention. According to this person, there is a new theory floating around in the world of medical research that claims that the aveage person actually gets cancer about once every TWO MONTHS! If true, this is, indeed, a very scary thought to contemplate.

The good news is that all of these cancers we get on a regular basis throughout our lives are readily knocked out by a healthy body's immune system. The reason most people get cancer as they get older is because, due to bad nutrition and exposure to environmental toxins, their immune systems can become chronically weakened long enough to allow one of those bi-monthly cancers to grow to a size where it can not be readily knocked out by the person's weakened immune system.

So, the answer to avoiding being one of the one in three people who will die from cancer seems simple enough. Make sure one has plenty of vitamins and minerals that help support and strengthen the immune system while simultaneously avoiding the environmental toxins that weaken it.

I just saw on the Larry King Show last night that the three major tv networks are going to be sponsoring a series of programs to alert people to the dangers of cancer and how to take steps to avoid it. Naturally, I intend to watch when it is presented. Sadly, however, although there is much hype in the media about all of the "progress" being made against cancer, the fact is that every year about 500,000 people in the USA die from it. The actual statistic might even be higher because of all the cases that are not diagnosed properly or because of people without medical insurance that just "expire" at home and for whom an autopsy is never conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

I'm always on the lookout for any natural product that might be effective in combating cancer once it gets a foothold in the body and is too advanced for the immune system to knock it out. One product which recently impressed me is called "Natural Cellular Defense" which is manufactured by a company in Florida. It is a non-toxic water suspension of a mineral known as a zeolite.

Apparently, when taken orally, this subtance is selectively absorbed only by cancer cells and then restores their natural self-destruct mechanisms to operational status again. Once that is done, a cancer cell's mutated DNA gets shredded, the cell swells up, and then it finally explodes! The debris is then cleared from the body by immune cells.

This zeolite solution is patented and was tested in a clinical trial on a small group of cancer patients who were typed as Stage 4 cases with 6 or less weeks to live. In most cases, their medical treatment had been stopped and they were sent home to die. Well, after treatment with the Natural Cellular Defense drops daily, 14 months later something like 77% (I think the figure was 52 out of 65 patients) were still alive. I think most of these were either in remission or cancer free.

Needless to say, I was very impressed by this and the testing that was performed seemed to me to be legitimate. If I was diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, I think I would rather give this stuff a try than to try what the medical establishment has to offer which can inflict devastating damage to the healthy cells in the body when it is used to try to kill the cancer cells.

Well, I made an effort to inform several cancer research facilities around the country about this substance and suggested they might want to obtain some and submit it to their own testing procedures. I was somewhat amazed to then learn that no one in the orthodox cancer research community had the slightest bit of interest in it! I was never given a reason for this, but got the impression that each group of researchers has its own specialized approach that it concentrates on and is uninterested in anything outside of that area.

Well, whatever approach(es) finally prove to be effective in wiping out this scourge of humanity, hopefully, by the middle of this century, even advanced cancer will considered to be no more dangerous than a mild head cold...


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:08 pm 
Doll Advisor
Doll Advisor
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I Lost My Father Early this year from Cancer.
At the same time my Mother was Fighting Breast Cancer for her life.
It has been a rough year, My Mother Won her Fight.
My Dad didnt.
I have lost 3 Aunts, 4 Uncles, 2 Grandparents,
a friend who was as close as a Brother,
& several Coworkers over the years.
Cancer doesnt just Kill.
It is a Thief.
It robs you of EVERYTHING before it allows you to die.
If Cancer was a Living Flesh & Blood Creature i would Find a Way to Kill it.
No matter if it was Godzilla scale.
I would cast myself into its teeth for the chance to rip out its tounge.

Everyone of us who lose our loved ones to this monster are brothers & Sisters.
Everyone of us who Survive it are our Heroes.
Everyone of us who Fall to it are our Martyrs.
My heartfelt & Sincerest Wishes & Prayers are with everyone in this "Family" of ours.

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