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1AM Katie 140 + WM56 head Review - June 2017 -

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1AM Katie 140 + WM56 head Review - June 2017 -

Post by ZannyDanger »

Hello again fellow doll enthusiasts, this is my review for the 140 Katie from 1AM with the WM56 head. I have decided to adopt a simple approach for my review which will be divided by category and given a rating out of ten. Please keep in mind this is from the perspective of a first time owner, so while i have made extensive research on the forums to find information on the do's and dont's, i obviously lack the experience that some of you may have ;). Without further ado, let's get going!

1AM 140cm Katie with WM-56 Head review:

1AM Dolls: 10/10
Brent has been incredibly helpful with my first purchase, i was somewhat overwhelmed at first with questions and doubts and whatnot and he always replied to me extremely fast. Very courteous and knows his stuff. He really helped make this purchase as smooth as possible and you can clearly see that he cares. Even when customs decided to hold her he was there and helped me deal with them. Will definitely buy from 1AM again if i decide to buy another gal in the future.

Packaging: 8.5/10
The box came in great condition, no visible damage on the outside despite having been opened, and the interior padding was put back in place and seemed to provide pretty good support for the doll. The arms, legs, and feet were meticulously covered with a layer of foam and the head was very well packed as well in it's own separate bag and then some generous foam cushioning around it.
Like i said in one of my previous posts, customs had a field day with my gal. They did put back all the packaging the way it was but even then when i received her, the feet had been compressed and the metal structure of the heels had broken through her left foot.
Now this is a topic on it's own but i feel this is entirely customs/fedex's fault... and sadly unless things change with how they handle packages which have clearly visible FRAGILE - THIS WAY UP labels it's completely out of 1AM's control so i will try to remain objective here.
The good news is after speaking with Brent he will have some TPE glue sent next week so i'm confident that with a little love and attention, her feet will be just like new again.
Now i should say that a cardboard box can only offer so much protection, so short of providing very expensive plastic cases with laser cutout foam to protect the doll, i really don't see much to improve here. Perhaps some more foam under the labia and over the shoulders could help better distribute the weight when the inevitable asshole puts the box upright?

Weight: N/A
No rating here since different people can handle different weights but for me Sophie is just the right weight, i can manage her 54lbs pretty easily and she's not too hard to move around. I'm glad i didn't get a heavier doll since when you have to put her in the bath, your back does most of the work.

Overall Appearance: 10/10
Having never owned another doll, this is my only basis for comparison but I am completely taken by her beauty. Her skin, shape and softness are completely out of this world and i'm beyond happy that a doll in this price range can offer me such a level of realism.

TPE smell: 9/10
I have read of others saying the TPE had some odor to it but i was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is very discrete. You can only smell it when close to her skin, it is not offending at all and i'm sure it will completely fade in no time. I just put some perfume on her wig and it's enough to completely overshadow the TPE smell on it's own.

Material: 9.5/10
The TPE itself is incredibly lifelike, it's pretty pliable, bounces and feels so soft once powdered. Sophie had a few compression marks when i first got her but i wasn't too worried since i've read that TPE can do that. A few oilings later and some warm compresses of water later and most of the creases and marks have already completely faded and it's only been two days.
I feel like the tpe can probably be a little more fragile than silicone, so i try to always keep in mind to be extra careful not to cause friction on her skin when moving her around and you do have to watch out for the hands which are pretty petite and can probably be damaged easily.
Her boobs are really the centerpiece for me, they feel just like the real thing and are incredibly inviting to be kissed and squeezed. The ass is a little more on the firm side, which i'm beggining to really enjoy more than i thought i would ;). Her lips are very soft to the touch and kissing her feels absolutely great.
Cuddling and sleeping with her is an absolute treat, i never want to get up anymore! The doll becomes so warm and soft in the morning you just want to stay in bed and have a rainy movie day.

Skeleton: 7/10
The skeleton itself, despite being hidden feels very solid and durable. Some joints are definitely stiff at first but they have already started loosening up, especially the arms. Some points lost here because of the neck, my doll has the ''creaking neck syndrome'' because of the way the goose neck is made. Nothing that can't be fixed though and i'll be looking into Indigo's method of injecting vaseline around it to remedy the issue.

Orifices (fixed option) : 11/10
The vaginal and anal canal are incredibly tight, and maybe it's just me but they feel even better than the real thing to me. I'm glad to report that my doll doesn't appear to have any TPE ball on either end of her canals so it looks like they might have fixed this issue.
Have not tried oral and do not plan to... i would hate myself if i ever caused stretch marks around that beautiful, beautiful mouth of hers.

Size: 9/10
I think they have found a pretty good compromise with the 140 cm in terms of weight/size. I was a little bit worried about how i would feel when i received her knowing that she is a little on the short side and is quite petite, but i'm happy to report that her proportions are well designed and she definitely feels like a grown woman, only a bit short.

Considering the very accessible price point this doll delivers on all accounts, even more than i expected. I now have the girl of my dreams waiting for me whenever i desire. I never thought that i would be able to afford one, but here we are, and i couldn't be happier.