NOTICE to all members of TDF regarding counterfeit dolls

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NOTICE to all members of TDF regarding counterfeit dolls

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NOTICE to all members of TDF regarding counterfeit dolls

TDF Management has noticed an increase in content which promotes or endorses counterfeit dolls.

TDF supports the protection of intellectual property. Please understand that theft of intellectual property is a serious crime. Counterfeiters need buyers. We cannot afford to reward buyers by letting them post about their doll whether they knew, suspected or didn't know it was counterfeit.

Rule 2 of The Rules of Conduct of TDF does not allow posts that appear to condone or endorse illegal activities of any kind. This includes Intellectual Property Theft. Intellectual Property includes the original manufacturers' costly Research and Development as well as the artistic design by the sculptor.

Members of TDF are welcome to post about any dolls they own, unless the doll is determined by TDF staff to be counterfeit, or does not meet our perceived age policy or any other TDF rule. This also applies to dolls listed for sale on TDF and related websites.

If your doll has been ruled in violation, you may appeal our decision if you can present proof that the product is not a copy.

Owners and Management of TDF

P.S. discussion about counterfeit dolls has been moved into a separate thread: viewtopic.php?t=130563