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LoveDolls Review and First Impressions

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LoveDolls Review and First Impressions

Post by RobDee »


To start off my review I want to thank everybody on DollForum for all the advice and help I've found.
The tips and tricks and honesty about what to expect have been extremely useful.
I read through guides and general discussions too many to mention all.

My experience with LoveDolls has been very positive answering the many questions and inquires I made.
The website is okay but I ran into a few issues, Adam was quick to respond and help a few hours later.
When I placed my order the Vortex Eyes I wanted were not available yet, Adam said they could be shipped later.
I'm glad I took him up on that offer. She was scheduled to arrive the same week she shipped but was delayed.
Imported packages are being held in Australia at the moment for at least 14 days because of the virus.
Some are getting bounced all around the world. I could see from the FedEx tracking she had made it to Australia.
As soon as she cleared the 14 days deadline she was here the next day.

What I Got
Head: YL252 & WM#156
Body: SE167E
Skin: Ivory

Inside the package was all sorts of extras. A bondage kit, custom inserts, a free second head and heating rods, gloves etc.
I think it also came with standard WM doll extras as well an extra outfit, heating rod etc.
While I was unpacking I kept stopping to play with her. She looked very good with the makeup done and her shape is fantastic!
Her boobs are soft gel and feel great, visually I'm not a fan of the larger boobs I've seen but I bet they feel great.
I was thinking smaller C or D but the body shape and detail of the SE167E I could not resist.
I remembered some advice and leaned the box and stood her up out of the box. She is heavy!
I was planning on getting an Ella Silver but saw other people talking about size and weight being issues and thought to go smaller.
I also wish I had used the replacement feet caps that had been in the box because the default bolts can't be good for the floor.

Then following the Newly Wed guide I spent the first day cleaning etc. which was a learning experience but enjoyable.
Might have been a bit rough but I was trying to be thorougher. I tried to be careful around the makeup and eyes.
Lost parts of the makeup and the eyelashes and a nail or two in the process.
Hoping I can use some spirit gum to reattach these but I'm not sure if that's safe so I've left it for now.
I put her away overnight standing/leaning against some foam in a wardrobe/cupboard.
Second day set up a hook to secure her take and a little of the weight off her feet. Didn't really want to put her away again but I did.
Today I dressed her up for some photos, this was sensational.
Tonight Nicky, as I've started calling her is spending the night with me.

Before I go completely off topic I've included the photos I took earlier and I'll post some from the factory with the makeup still on.
Thanks for reading!
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