Check ZELEX All New Features Here (Links)

Zelex is a company specializing in the development and manufacture of ultra-realistic sex dolls. We have a professional R&D team whose purpose is to design high-quality sex toys to provide customers with a perfect experience. Each of our products is hand-drawn by the artist with a realistic shape and fine makeup. We guarantee the product quality is safe and has the test certificate from an authority. Website: www.zelexdoll.com
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Check ZELEX All New Features Here (Links)

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In order to provide members with quicker and more accurate access to information, we've put together a list of links to the new features below.

New Features
Posted on 2023 December 18 - ZELEX Launches Comprehensive Customization: viewtopic.php?t=175250
Posted on 2023 October 19 - ZELEX Doll: SLE Series, Pleasure is so simple: viewtopic.php?t=172573
Posted on 2023 August 02 - EXP Skeleton Neck Joint Improvement: viewtopic.php?t=169324
Posted on 2023 April 04 - EXP Skeleton:viewtopic.php?t=164927
Posted on 2023 April 06 - Explanation for EXP Skeleton:viewtopic.php?t=164998
Posted on 2023 April 07 - Auto Clamp & Suck Function:viewtopic.php?t=165039
Posted on 2022 August 31 - ZELEX Inspiration Series Introduction:viewtopic.php?t=157527

Posted on 2023 December 18 - Thee have a Christmas gift from China: viewtopic.php?t=175251
Event Time 2023, April 12 2023 - May 12 TPE Hybrid Doll Free Giveaway:viewtopic.php?t=165215

Contact us
Get in touch with us:viewtopic.php?t=162909
Announcement: Sincerely seeking agents from all over the world.

Contact us:
Email for pre- and post-sales enquiries: service@zelexdoll.com
Email for business cooperation: contact@zelexdoll.com
Official Store: www.zelexdoll.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zelex2020
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zelex.china.3
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zelexdoll/

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