4 Tips for Oral Sex with Blow Job Dolls to Enhance Your Sexual Experience!

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4 Tips for Oral Sex with Blow Job Dolls to Enhance Your Sexual Experience!

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Oral sex is a relatively easy way compared to other sex ways. Most sex doll users use it for oral sex. Blow job dolls have a realistic oral simulation design, like having oral sex with a real person. Please read on, and the following will help you to have a better blowjob sex experience.

1. Enhancing pleasure with erotic sounds

2. Lubricant makes oral sex more comfortable

3. Choose the right oral sex positions

4. Care for blow job doll
Erotic sounds make oral sex more exciting
1. Choose a blow job doll that has an articulation function and can make sexual moans
High-quality blow job doll that can make exciting sexual moans only provides the real feeling for oral sex but also enables you to feel more intense stimulation while enjoying orgasms.

Some blow job doll has a variety of sound modes built-in, so you can choose the sex moan that excites you the most according to your preference.

2. Play your favorite erotic scenes to increase the audio experience of blowjob sex
Play your favorite erotic scenes to increase audio stimulation of the oral sex experience if your blow job doll does not have a pronunciation function. This will make the whole process more realistic and exciting.

And some people will play specialized oral sex audio during the oral sex. Whatever you choose, you can make your blowjob sex experience even better.
Lubricant for better oral sex
The secret to good oral sex with a blow job doll is to use the right amount of lubricant to increase oral sex comfort and achieve a more pleasurable sexual experience.

Water-based lubricants are safe for silicone and TPE(Thermoplastic elastomers) blow job dolls. In addition, heating the lubricant before using it will make the oral sex warmer and more wonderful.

Not only do you need to apply lubricant on the blow job doll's mouth. Including the tongue and even teeth, it can also be applied to the sex organ.

The use of lubricant can make the oral sex process smoother and more pleasurable and can reduce friction and discomfort, thus avoiding excessive wear and tear and injury.
Blow job doll's common positions for oral sex
1. Blow job doll kneeling in front of you
Want to meet the man's desire to conquer is very simple, that is, to completely satisfy their macho vanity. Let him stand like a king, and then blow job doll kneel on both knees to cast a worshipful gaze so that he could firstly have a visual orgasm, then with intense love to perform oral sex.

2. Sitting on the bed
You are sitting on the bed or chair and kneeling the blow job doll before you to fuck her mouth. As you control the rhythm by controlling her head, the blow job doll can look affectionately at you like a real woman, achieving a truly intimate erotic experience.
3. You can be above the blow job doll-Missionary
Another popular position is to place your doll face up on the bed, have her lie down and look at you, and then insert the cock into her mouth. You can also try it in a different room, in front of a mirror, etc. Different spaces can create different sensations.
Prolong the life of your blow job doll
To ensure that your toy can be used for a long time and provide the best experience, consider the following suggestions:

1. Put your hands on her hips to protect her.
Using the blow job doll, you can put your hands on her hips to better control the force. Do not apply excessive force. Otherwise, the toy may cause damage to affect the lifespan.
2. Don't pull and grab the hair too hard
If you want to imitate the deep throat experience, you can gently hold the head of the blow job doll and pull it closer to your penis. However, do not pull too hard so as not to hurt the head and other parts of the toy.
3. Cleaning and maintenance
Before and after use, the silicone or TPE blow job doll should be cleaned with warm water and soap or a special sex toy cleaner. When you are not using the toy, store it in a dry and clean place to ensure it is not contaminated with dirt and bacteria.
A blow job doll is an indispensable sex doll in your life, especially if you are a busy person who doesn't have time to find a loving partner and wants to release the stress and frustration of working tirelessly. Getting oral sex from a blow job doll is a perfect way out.
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