Four Easy Steps to Transform Your Sex Doll into A Milf Sex Doll

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Four Easy Steps to Transform Your Sex Doll into A Milf Sex Doll

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The image of mature women is trendy, with unique elegance and sexy charm. Now don't bother to find a real mature lover, and don't spend extra money on buying a new sex doll, just by changing the makeup, accessories, hairstyle, and clothing of the sex doll you have at home in four simple steps, you can transform her into a sexy milf sex doll.
1. Tips for mature makeup

2. Choice of accessories

3. Classic mature hairstyles and hair colors

4. Mature clothing types and colors
Mature makeup is the key to creating a mature and sexy milf sex doll
Dark lip color
Eye makeup
Highlighting and blush
1. Alluring lip colors
According to a survey, 30% of women think dark lip colors can make their lips look fuller and more mature. You can choose shades such as red, dark purple, or brown.
Use a lip brush to apply lipstick for a more precise look. Also, matte lipsticks are the choice of many mature women to avoid the overly bright effect and to be more in line with a mature woman's temperament.
2. Glamorous eye makeup
Both neutral style and smoky eye makeup suit the milf sex doll image. Using mature eye shadow shades such as dark brown, purple, and gray can make the eyes look more profound and mature.
When applying mascara, remember to use false lashes on the outer corners of your upper lashes to give sex doll eyes a more glamorous look.
3. Thicker eyebrows
Choose an eyebrow pencil or powder that matches the sex doll's hair color, fill in the color along the shape of the eyebrows, and then use an eyebrow brush to blend it in for a natural look.
4. Highlight and blush to emphasize facial contours
Use shadows and highlights to emphasize facial contours, which gives a more defined look to the sex doll's face. Use a dark foundation or concealer under the cheekbones and temples, then use a bright highlighter on the forehead, nose bridge, and chin of the sex doll.
When using blush, choose a color that suits the sex doll's skin tone and gently sweep it on the cheekbones to add some spirit to the look.
Matching with smart accessories makes milf sex doll exude mature charm
The high heels that trim the leg shape
Sexy black stockings
High heels and black stockings are must-have accessories for mature women. According to a survey, 40% of women think high heels can boost women's self-confidence and make sex doll legs more slender and sexy.
At the same time, black stockings are also the choice of many mature women because they can emphasize the sex appeal of women.
Choose the right hairstyle and color to make a milf sex doll
Clean, low bun or short hair
Dark hair color
A low bun or a dry and sharp short haircut is a classic hairstyle for mature women and can make your sex doll look more mature and stable. According to the survey, more than 50% of women think that dark hair color suits mature women.
Of course, the choice of hairstyle and hair color should also be based on the sex doll's face type, skin tone, and personal preference.
Pick mature and sexy clothing and colors for your milf sex doll
Classic style to show a mature and stable temperament
Neutral colors
Finally, choosing suitable clothing is also an essential step in creating milf sex doll. No matter what kind of body type, it will not affect your sex doll cross-dressing to become a mature lover.
Choose the classic style, such as suits, blouses, wrap dresses, knitwear, etc. You can dress up your sex doll as a friend's hot mom, college teacher, or office manager who makes you horny.
Choosing neutral colors, such as black, white, camel, navy, gray, olive green, and burgundy, is perfect for mature women. These colors are not overly flashy but can also highlight the elegance and maturity of the sex doll.
Age will make some mature women's figures and boobs out of shape, letting them have soft vaginal cavities, but sex dolls will not. If you want to try a mature woman's style but do not want to miss the quality of sexual pleasure, then creating your ideal milf sex doll is the right choice.
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Re: Four Easy Steps to Transform Your Sex Doll into A Milf Sex Doll

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Re: Four Easy Steps to Transform Your Sex Doll into A Milf Sex Doll

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The question is rather what makes dolls looking all too young. So the neglected points here are:

1. Doll heads are more often than not UNDERSIZE. You can´t reate a mature looking head from child size heads (<54cm circumference). Any ageing methods will more than likely result in caricature looks.

2. Quite similar is oversize iris eyes which are 14mm and larger. Real human irises is 12-13mm size. So to avoid artificial Manga/Anime looks on wannabe matures, these should be used instead. Oversize (iris) eyes make any doll character look "younger".

3. Mature heads get mostly "fuller", particularly in lower half of the face. Same goes for neck which can´t be disconnected from head shape visually. Of course depends on overall slenderness and body condition.
Some TPE doll heads allow stuffing the face mask. This enables making a face look "fuller" at crucial parts like cheeks and chin. Noses tend to get bigger as well. Where this is not possible one can work out (existing) contours with subtle make up application, or create "new" contours by shadowing or highlighting areas, as well as adding wrinkles and such.

4. Everything else is matter of taste and whether one adheres to "stereotypes" like mentioned in OP.

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