Are sex doll torsos useful for mental health treatment?

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Are sex doll torsos useful for mental health treatment?

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Sex doll torsos pop up these years as people use them for sexual pleasure and companionship. Many of us use dolls for mental health treatment.

However, are sex doll torsos useful for mental health treatment? Go on reading this short blog; you will figure out they can treat mental health in the following 5 ways:

1. Sex doll torsos beat loneliness, offering you companionship and intimacy.

2. Love doll torsos release feel-good hormones reducing your stress and anxiety.

3. Sex doll torsos promote sexual ability and stamina, increasing your confidence.

4. Having sex with torso toys fosters love & trust, attraction, and affection.

5. Making love with a sex torso is proved to be an exercise to uplift your mood.

Let's dive in and check them out one by one now!
What are sex doll torsos?
Sex doll torsos often only have the upper body, which includes the head, neck, arms, chest, and ass. Without arms and legs that might get in the way, toros toys are more portable bringing you the same fantastic sensations of a full-sized sex doll.

Having sex with high-quality and realistic easy-hold silicone & TPE dolls, you can easily reach orgasm by squirting or ejaculating!
What is mental health and how it affects people?
Mental health is a person's emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we feel, think, and act in our daily lives. Mental health issues like anxiety, stress, and depression greatly influence our life, impacting our work, relationships, and overall life quality.
Sex doll torsos are useful for mental health treatment
Except for the above playful physical pleasure that sex doll torsos offer, do the sexy torsos work for treating mental health? The answer is a big YES! Sex doll torsos are effective in healing mental health by:

1. Provide you companionship and intimacy
Are you feeling lonely, isolated, and discounted by others while having no one can help? Sex doll torsos come in. If you own a sex doll toros, they are always by your side 24 hours offering you companionship and intimacy. This is helpful whenever you are struggling with loneliness or isolation.

2. Release your stress and depression
Apart from providing companionship, sex doll torsos can help reduce your stress and take your mind off everyday anxiety and worries.

Fucking a sex doll torso, cuddling, or holding onto it can release feel-good hormones in the brain, like endorphins, which can create a feeling of bliss, hence staving off pain and depression.

Besides, endless dolls ranging from Big boots BBW sex doll torsos to mini sex doll torsos give you limitless fun! Placing the dolls in any position or living out BSM fantasies with a partner stop depression and loneliness.

3. Boost your confidence by solving sexual issues
People with a low sex drive or who have experienced trauma may find it challenging to have wonderful sex with their partner. In such cases, sex doll torsos can give them a safe and non-judgmental way to gratify their sexual need, practice their sexual stamina and build sexual confidence.

4. Foster a feeling of connection
Sex that feels perfectly safe is a human connection powerhouse. Hopping into bed with a sex doll torso, your subconscious mind starts to feel trust.

Bal says “After sex, oxytocin is released — a hormone that deeply relaxes us and can foster a feeling of trust among partners,” “This plays a role in developing relationships and can give us a pretty euphoric feeling.” And love, attraction, and affection are driven by oxytocin’s physiological effects.

5. A way to exercise that boosts your mental health
Exercise boosts your mental health. And sex is a light activity that burns about 3.6 calories/min. Therefore, making love with a sex doll torso does reduce your bad mood and uplift your self-esteem in a certain way.
Pro tips on using sex doll torsos for treating mental health

Sex doll torsos do help relieve symptoms, but they shouldn’t be used as substitutes for therapy or medication.
Don’t get addicted to sex doll torsos when you use them for mental health treatment. Some might be too reliant on forming healthy relationships with real people.
Sex doll torsos may not be 100% suitable for everyone and even trigger negative emotions or trauma.
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