Recognize these 4 points better understand the sex torsos.

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Recognize these 4 points better understand the sex torsos.

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Thanks to technology, we now have various sex toys for men and women. You can quickly get sex in any of these sex toys. Even though it is now so convenient, you must recognize one point. No sex toy is perfect. There are pros and cons to any sex toy. All have pros and cons for you as well.
With the popularity of sex dolls, many people are now using sex torsos as their muse because sex doll torsos allow them to experience almost all the benefits of a full-size doll for very little money. Even so, sex doll torsos are not perfect sex toys.

So before placing an order for a sex doll, you should see her advantages and be very aware of the sex torso’s disadvantages. If you don't have time to research, you can learn here what the pros and cons of buying a sex torsos are for you.
1.Sex dolls torsos allow you to experience sex for less money

2.The size and weight of a sex doll torsos give you more options for where to have sex

3.Sex torsos are easier to store and hide, making your room tidier

4.Compared to full-size dolls, sex torso are less companionable
Sex torsos not only provide you with sex, but she also has a visual aesthetic. The doll is a beautiful and lifelike masturbator. She provides almost all the fun a full-size beauty can give you. And it is very safe. The experience is also very realistic.

But she is not perfect. Sex torsos also have a disadvantage, which is difficult to compensate for. For each toy, we have to weigh its advantages and disadvantages.
Sex doll torsos are more affordable.
It is a critical factor in whether dolls can beat full-size dolls in the future. The price of sex torsos is more acceptable than full-size dolls. People can easily buy a sex doll torsos but can not easily buy a full-size doll. If your budget is insufficient, you can even buy a doll for $200. And she is safe.
What is one of the main reasons why sex torsos can become famous?

Sex dolls torso for you to unlock outdoor sex
who should break the monotony of people's lives? We have always proposed to make life more diverse. What should also mix our sex life? Sex torsos are crucial to breaking the monotony of sex life.

Full-size dolls have been popular since the beginning, and few people take her outdoors for sex. Dolls are treated differently.
The smaller size makes it easier to take her out. There is also no need to worry about people finding out. Full-size dolls are difficult to provide people with such advantages.

The sex torsos is easier to store and hide.
Although the appearance of the full-size doll is more beautiful, full-size dolls will make the room less tidy. Sex doll torso are much easier to store and hide. Because of their weight and size, they can keep torso dolls in many places, such as closets, bedside tables, or under the bed.

Full-size dolls are only suitable to be placed in the utility room. Why is it not eligible to be placed under the bed? Because if you forget her, you will be shocked by looking at the bottom of your bed.
Sex doll torsos are more practical and more challenging to hard giving a sense of companionship.
Sex torsos are not a good suggestion for those who are looking for a sex doll that resembles a partner. Although the torso dolls to the greatest extent possible to restore the accurate human torso.
But the sex doll torso is always just a sex toy to solve the needs. She can satisfy your fetishes, such as foot fetish or butt fetish. But she cannot provide you with companionship. This is one of the reasons why torso dolls can't beat full-size dolls at the moment.
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