ZELEX Launches New EXP Skeleton

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Re: ZELEX Launches New EXP Skeleton

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Comparisons between EVO skeleton and EXP skeleton :multi:
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Re: ZELEX Launches New EXP Skeleton

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Incredible developments always. 8)

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Re: ZELEX Launches New EXP Skeleton

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It seems like this new skeleton may be a boon to photographers, and to people who pose their dolls for other reasons. Art, company, companionship.
The question is does it still fulfill all the other needs and obligations that the Evo skeleton does. And does it have the same, or better reliability.
I am hoping to get my dirty little hands on one, take her through her paces, and let everyone know.
Wish me luck.
Reverend Jack
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Re: ZELEX Launches New EXP Skeleton

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When will your dolls be made with this new skeleton?

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Re: ZELEX Launches New EXP Skeleton

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Pilgrim wrote: Wed Apr 05, 2023 3:28 am This is another wonderful step for ZELEX! But ZELEX really needs to add eyes that open and close to provide a full range of facial expressions.
This would be awesome! The face needs definitely more adjustable function's. Adjustable eyebrows and forehead are also a really nice to have :wink:

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Re: ZELEX Launches New EXP Skeleton

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ZelexDoll wrote: Tue Apr 04, 2023 1:25 pm To satisfy the demands of more customers, ZELEX has launched a brand new skeleton named EXP after extensive research and testing. The EXP (from the word "expression") skeleton is an expanded version of the traditional EVO skeleton, enabling ZELEX GIRLS to perform more natural and lifelike movements, conveying richer emotions, which makes ZELEX GIRLS even more attractive. :angel:

The new EXP skeleton mainly features the following characteristics: :evidence:

·Extended Shoulder Movement: Increased joint mobility allows the shoulder to retract, coordinating with the movement of the arms, unlock more poses and greatly enhance the doll's ability to showcase itself.

·Ball-Jointed Neck: Increased ball-and-socket joint allows for free movement of the head, resulting in a more lifelike appearance.

·Double-Jointed Elbow: The elbow joint is redesigned to a double-jointed structure and the wrist joint is enhanced with a ball-and-socket joint, enabling more diverse and natural movements of the elbow and hand.

·Flexible Waist : Re-adjustment of the lumbar joint provides both stable support and ease of twisting movement.

When customers purchase ZELEX GIRLS, they could choose between the EVO skeleton or the EXP skeleton. From now until April 20th, customers can get a ZELEX GIRL with the new EXP skeleton at the same price as the one with the traditional EVO skeleton.
Will this new skeleton also be available for the TPE body?? And if not, why not?? 8O

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Re: ZELEX Launches New EXP Skeleton

Post by Mrgamma »

I ended up purchasing and receiving a doll with the new EXP skeleton. It is holding up well considering the month of stress it is experiencing. And the flexion and extension is pretty impressive. Admittedly, it is my first doll purchase so I have little in the way of comparable experience in skeletons. I'm a new member so I've got to make a few more posts prior to a review and pictures.

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