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Elsa Babe, established in 2017, is committed to research, development, design and production of adult toys and silicone love dolls. Our production team has 20 years of experience in 3D Animation/Game/Film productions and the product designs are led by the well-known Japanese 3D film director. Elsa Babe is the first adult toy manufacturer established by the 3D production team. We are good at concept design, sculpture, 3D modelling, skeleton design and BJD style makeup. You will find Elsa Babe products have a strong Japanese anime style, the product curve and proportion are different from the existing products in the industry. We are both variable and innovative in the product designs due to the 3D production DNA. Elsa Babe ads a refreshing look to the adult toy industry. Website: elsababe.com
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Re: Elsa Babe - Breasts comparison of different height

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jank wrote: Tue Oct 10, 2023 11:13 pm Hi, I saw on your site that you have TPE breasts (basic and upgraded) on your silicone dolls now. Do they look any different? Thanks :D
Please kindly know this is just the breasts size option. If you choose the TPE breasts option, it means you choose the TPE body with silicone head. TPE body currently only have one breasts size for each height.

Here is the difference between Basic Version and Upgraded Version of TPE Body:
Basic version includes regular light and shade painting on the body, it doesn't have the articulated fingers.
Upgraded version realistic body painting includes light and shade surface painting, blood vessel painting, skin texture painting, it also has the articulated fingers.

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Re: Elsa Babe - Breasts comparison of different height

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I see, thank you for the detailed response!

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