BCD will be my go to vendor!

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BCD will be my go to vendor!

Post by chubbyhog »

Purchased 90 cm silicone doll from EB through BCD.

Jeff is an incredible vendor. He was very communicative throughout the process. Helped me negotiate on a good price (I think I saved 400 bucks) ordering with him. Ordered my doll in January and he helped me push EB to complete the order when they returned from vacation. Before I even purchased, he helped me understand the different aspects of the doll such as body paint and softness.

This is the best part - post purchase, my doll ran into some issues, he was still willing to help me contact EB. I will never order a EB doll again because they are very poorly made…. But if I ever want a second doll, I’ll go through Jeff for sure!