Order of SYdoll 163cm - not perfect

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Order of SYdoll 163cm - not perfect

Post by Shirome »

I ordered a pretty big - specifically heavy doll ate rosemary doll.
I ordered here because only few vendors offer SY Doll dolls, But I wanted that one.
https://www.rosemarydoll.com/de/product ... l-roberta/

Support was friendlyand the purchase was sucessfull, with a few issues.
Before issuing the order rthey noticed that the doll they offer can not be shipped by them because its too heavy.
I did not want the weight reduction option so eventually they offered either I get it myself from the airport or they opt in the removeable legs version to ship them extra with the head.
I did the latter and was happy they took over the cost.
They took videos and photos of the doll and all features before shipping them (via dropbox).
UPS delayed the shipment of the body for a week until I contacted their user service.

Once recieved, everything seemed in order with the doll.
An optional clothing item was not deliuvered and they immediately shipped it.
Included user guide was completely useless.
I didn't know what the seperate suction pump was for. After asking customer support they answered it was for the vaginal suction function and added a video how to use it. As far as I can tell the video was not the correct one and the pump was completely unnecessary. Extra pump, great (the suzction seemed to work with the built in breathing option). After asking again, they did not continue to answer my questions. I did not repeat the question at that point.

A major issue with the doll is with the heating. Using it melted significant debtsa in the dolls hip-region. Thats more of an issue with SY-doll, but they did particularly warn me that the doll may not get warm at the thicker regions - not that is may melt due to the heating.

So over all their service was fine and I am happy I could purchase the doll I wanted from them.
However, it my overall felling was a bit on the bad side:
They offer dolls without having a way to ship them (though they managed in the end).
They did not mention that the heating may potentially damage the doll (likely didn't know - why though...).
They stopped answering after sales
And some of the accessories are way overprised - specifically the clothing for 30$ costs about 3$ on aliexpress and did not even fit the doll.

So decent option overall, but if the next doll I want is offered at another vendor I may select a different one.