TandT 4.0

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TandT 4.0

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Well, I had an idea and sorta tried it out. I used the teeth set to pucker out the lips. Or I should say tried. It did some and I suppose the inside of the mouth needs trimming because it slips. Anyway, here is one I got that kinda worked. Just another add-to for facial expressions.

This is where I got the idea of puckering. I tried to get the teeth far enough back but the silicone in the mouth is in the way (trimming I guess)
IMG_0699.jpeg (8.8 MiB) Viewed 491 times
This is a serious try but they wouldn’t stay long enough.
IMG_0890.jpeg (4.87 MiB) Viewed 491 times
42741808_Unknown.jpeg (1.54 MiB) Viewed 491 times
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