Will S-TPE be added to XT?

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Will S-TPE be added to XT?

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Seems most of the focus is on XTs beautiful silicone dolls.

Many may have missed that XT does offer a small contingent of lovely TPE bodies that get matched to the gorgeous series of silicone heads.

Can XT share if they have plans to upgrade into the “superior” S-TPE which gives more realistic firmness and resilience?

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April - 80cm elfling (silicone-9lbs) ~ 2016 from JM Dolls
Tawney - 132cm {Lexi head} - (silicone-45lbs) ~ 2017 from Private Island Beauties
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Chloe - 167cm NXT+ Sukiwaai (TPE-66lbs) ~ 2024 from SiliDoll
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