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Is there a removeable insert doll a Lovense Max 2 will fit in?

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Is there a removeable insert doll a Lovense Max 2 will fit in?

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BLUF: I'm trying to find/confirm if Tantaly's Ginny, or other life-size TPE torso/doll that can accommodate a Lovense Max 2 in its cavity.

New to the forum trying not to get dragged too far down the rabbit hole...

I'm currently in a long distance relationship, and we recently bought a Lovense Max 2 and a Nora to keep in "touch." Biggest selling point for us was the ability to sync them to each other for sessions.

We're still waiting for our respective toys to arrive, but have already started entertaining the idea of improving upon the immersion of that experience by making the toys hands free. My SO has a Liberator Bonbon toy mount/pillow that she can use to hold her Nora. Yes, Liberator has other various shaped toy mounts/pillows that I could use to hold my Max 2, but why settle for pillows? I had a cheap missionary hip mold decades ago during college, but nothing anywhere as convincing as what's available now. I do not believe I would be disappointed with a Liberator piece, however, I feel the experience of being able to have a toy responding in real time encased in a convincing package that I can hold and touch just like my SO is probably about as close to her being physically in the room as we'll be able to manage.

Ideally, I'd like to find an affordable full/life size torso or doll with a removable insert cavity that is able to accommodate a Lovense Max 2. From what I was able to glean from the internet, the Max 2 is approximately 3" in diameter, and 9" long. I'm primarily interested in Tantaly's Ginny, mostly for the price point, but also the convenience of a torso for storage/transport, but I'm not opposed to a complete TPE doll if it's a guaranteed fit in the cavity. Alternatively, if there's a doll available that has an automated convulsion/compression feature that can sync with a female toy to interact with each other the same way the Lovense toys do, or is at least compatible with Lovense, I would love to know about it.

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