I think I found my new favorite Zelex Head GE07_1

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I think I found my new favorite Zelex Head GE07_1

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Available here: https://lovedollsenpai.com/products/zel ... ies-ge07_1

All Zelex Inspiration here ---> https://lovedollsenpai.com/collections/zelex-silicone

Included with your Zelex Doll Order

Included with your Zelex Doll

Free Automatically Sucking Vagina (X165, 170 and 175)
Free EVO Skeleton
Free Gel-Filled Breasts
Free Standing Feet Without Bolts
Free Movable Jaw With Oral Structure
Free Gel-Filled Butt (X165, 170 and 175)
Free Articulated Fingers
Free Hyper Realistic Body Painting
Free Implanted Pubic Hair
Free Weight Reduction
Free Silicone Socks

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