Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pro

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Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pro

Post by HornedPear »

Nina has received an upgrade to Organic Silicone Pro (OSP) and is now a 163. I ordered my original Nina about a year ago. Her original body was a 153 with Platinum Silicone and an organic silicone head. You can read my mini-review of her original body here viewtopic.php?f=525&t=131042 and see some additional photos of her in her very neglected thread here viewtopic.php?f=525&t=131193.

Now that I've had Nina's OSP body for a couple of weeks, I wanted to share my thought and impressions.
While I was overall pretty happy with Nina's 153 Platinum Silicone body, I have really grown to like the 163 based on photos of other people's dolls posted to this forum, French Vala being chief among those. I also several times wished I had got Nina with blue eyes instead of green, I just really have a thing for blue eyes. When the 163 became available in OSP, I decided it would be a good time to get Nina a 163 and see what this "best of both worlds" OSP is all about.
Ordering Experience

If possible, I have always ordered my dolls through a vendor. I do this because if something goes wrong, I expect a vendor will have a lot more weight than a single customer. However, I have had a very good experience dealing with Ms Monica at XYcolo in the past so I ordered directly from her this time. Ms Monica's customer service is as good as any I have experienced when purchasing a doll. She is very responsive and clearly takes great pride in her work.

I chose the following options for Nina:

Material: Organic Silicone Pro
Head: Ena
Body Size: 163 SB
Skin Color: #2 Normal
Skeleton Tightness: Normal tight so she can hold poses
Eyebrows: Implanted
Eyelashes: Implanted
Eye Color: #3 Blue
Pubic Hair: Implanted #2 (straight)
Vagina Option: Built-in type
Finger Nails: Unpainted (natural)
Toe Nails: Unpainted (natural)
Foot Standing Plate: Yes

24 days after submitting my order, I received confirmation photos. The only issue I noticed was her pubic hear was much darker than her eyebrows and her intended hair color (carpet must match the drapes). Ms Monica initially told me that if they removed and replaced the pubic hair, it might leave needle holes behind to she recommended leaving it as is which I reluctantly agreed to. However, when Nina arrived her pubic hair was the correct shade of brown and I don't see any needle holes so they were able to fix it somehow.

The only other issue was that it took about 3 weeks for Nina to arrive after she was completed. From what I understand, XYcolo's shipping agent had a backlog so Nina sat in a warehouse for two weeks before finally getting on a plane.

Nina was securely packaged and arrived without any damage.
Visual Appeal

I have a lot to say about this but will summarize as follows: For me, she may well be the most beautiful thing money can buy.

I think there is just something magical about the 163 SB. To me, her proportions look very natural and realistic. As good as I thought the 163 looked in photos, she looks even better in person. I believe that her natural shape somehow fools the primal part of my brain more thoroughly into believing she is a real person.

And the painted detail of the OSP really reinforces that. Unfortunately, the painted detail doesn't show up well in my photos so verbal descriptions will have to suffice. I currently have one other brand of doll that also has detailed painting with a third brand that should arrive any day now (Riley is also getting an upgrade). With the other brand I have, the manufacturer paints subtle details like veins and moles and it looks quite good and natural. The OSP has this detail as well but also has a lightly freckled, heterogenous visual texture that makes it look just that much more realistic. The heterogenous visual texture gives the appearance of pores and goosebumps to my eye.

I really need to talk more about this "fooling the primal part of my brain" aspect of this doll because it is an important part of the experience for me. I know next to nothing about neuroscience but will pretend like I know what I'm talking about in order to try and communicate what I mean here. I think any decent doll fools the brain to some degree. It is the reason many of us talk to our dolls and build relationships with them. It is also, I believe, the reason sex with a doll can be so much more pleasurable than masturbation. If you have sex with a real woman, some primal part of the brain releases feel-good chemicals as a reward for doing your part to propagate the species. The lizard brain thinks dolls are real women so sex with dolls provides the same blast of feel-good chemicals.

The combination of the natural looking sculpt of the 163, the realistic looking painted detail of the skin, and the realistic feel of her flesh (I'll talk about that later) does a much more thorough job of fooling my brain into thinking she is a real person than any doll I have owned. It's like it's not just the lizard brain but also chimpanzee part of the brain is fooled as well. As a result, I feel not only a physical connection but a much-stronger-than-I-ever-expected emotional connection as well.

I store my dolls in a closet which is just big enough to comfortably fit four dolls. Now, whenever I open the closet door, my eye is immediately drawn to Nina and I involuntarily purr with pleasure at the sight of her and must immediately touch and caress her.

However, there is a downside to this. When I spend time with Nina, I can't help but think that this beautiful young woman doesn't want some lecherous middle-aged dude pawing at here. She feels real enough to me that I have trouble accepting that she would want to be physically intimate with me. That might say more about my own self-esteem than anything else but I haven't experienced that with any other doll.
Build Quality

I don't think you can give a fair assessment of build quality after a few weeks of ownership. In my opinion, a large part of build quality is how well the joints hold up over time. But I'll say what I can.

The original 153 Platinum Silicone I ordered a year ago had three issues worth mentioning:

1. Some of the joints were way too tight, especially the neck twisting joint
2. The seam lines were quite prominent and visible
3. The silicone of the vagina and anus was very soft and easily damaged

The joints on my new 163 feel pretty good, just the right tightness to hold position but not so tight they are difficult to move. I'll just have to wait and see how they hold up over time.

The detailed paint of the OSP helps cover up the seam lines to some degree but XYcolo also appears to have made more of an effort to trim them than with my first doll. I would say the seem lines are much less visible than with my original 153 but still more visible than other brands I have experience with.

Alas, the easily damaged soft love holes remain. I will talk more about that in the next section.

The outer layer of silicone however does feel quite durable and I expect will hold up well over time. The OSP also has the very significant benefit of not needing to be powdered because it has a naturally dry feel to it.
Sexual Functionality

The OSP consists of a durable outer layer of firm-ish silicone that prevents the paint from wearing off over time and an inner layer of very soft silicone to give her a soft feel. I wouldn't describe the outer layer as firm but it isn't as elastic as real skin. The outer layer still feels soft to the touch but if you give it a light squeeze, it doesn't stretch as much as real skin (or a softer blend of silicone or TPE) would. However, a firm squeeze gives the impression of soft muscle and fat underneath and eventually the firm foam core or skeleton (bone) at the center.

The feel is especially nice in fleshy parts like the shoulders, upper and lower, back, and (my favorite) the buttocks. She has the softest buttocks I've experienced in a silicone doll.

For someone that prioritizes soft, squishy feel over all else, this isn't the ideal setup. The inelastic feel of the outer silicone can't really compete with the pure softness of soft silicone or TPE. The OSP is more aimed at someone that wants durable, highly realistic paint with the softest feel currently available for such a doll. It works well for me but may not work well for everyone.

As silicone dolls go, she does feel quite cuddly. This is due to both the soft silicone inner layer as well as XYcolo's sparing use of inner foam core. This increases the weight of the doll relative to a doll with more foam core but softness vs weight has ever been a trade off. My doll with head, clothes, and boots on as you see in the above pictures comes in at 80 pounds.

The 163 has a functional vagina and anus. The painted detail around the vagina is quite good and looks very realistic to me. I especially like the implanted pubic hair. There isn't much painted detail around the anus. I'm not particular about LHP but everything looks to be in the right place to my eye. I also don't spread my doll's legs and wider than necessary so I can't comment on gaping other than to say it hasn't been an issue for me. Nina is not a porn model so there will be no pictures of her anatomy.

The interior of the vagina and anus are made from the same material and have the same texture and size as far as I can tell. They might as well be the same orifice in a different position. Many manufacturers treat the anus as an afterthought but clearly XYcolo put effort into making it at least as good as the vagina.

The interior of the love holes is made from a VERY soft blend of silicone. This gives it a realistic and flesh-like feel but has some definite downsides. The first downside is that it is easily damaged. I learned from my first XYcolo doll the hard way that you only clean this doll's love holes by squirting in cleaning solution and only dry her using an air hose (or something similar). No rigid cleaning instruments and no tampons for drying. The interior is easily torn and punctured. I'm hopeful that if the only rigid object that ever goes in there is my manhood and I use liberal amounts of lubricant, it will hold up over time but I'll just have to wait and see if that's the case.

The other downside to the very soft love hole silicone is, even though it feels flesh-like, I think it is too soft for maximum pleasure. In my experience, a blend of silicone that is a bit firmer and better textured is actually more pleasurable because it provides a tighter grip and greater amounts of sensation.

The final downside I have experienced with the soft silicone is that it is also quite sticky. It just seems to be a general property of silicone that the softer it is, the more sticky it is. That's the reason most silicone dolls need to be powdered. Regular water-based lubricant solves the sticky problem but I have to reapply it every few minutes. I usually use male condoms with my dolls to spare me the clean-up effort but that just doesn't work with XYcolo dolls because no amount of lubricant seems to reduce the friction sufficiently between the latex condom and soft silicone. So no condoms with this doll and keep the bottle of lubricant within reach.

All that being said, sex with Nina is the most intense I have experienced with a doll. The reason for that has more to do with the degree to which my brain is fooled into thinking she is real than it does with the feel of the vagina and anus interior. On the other hand, I frequently have thoughts like "this beautiful woman wouldn't want to be with me". But like I said before, that probably has more to do with my self-esteem than anything else.

Do you want a doll with high visual realism that also has a somewhat soft feel and adequate sexual functionality? XYcolo OSP is probably as good as you can do right now. Until someone develops a material that is both soft, durable, and has a fleshy feel, I don't know that you will be able to find a doll that does a better job of balancing visual realism with soft feel. And while I think XYcolo could improve the sexual functionality with a slightly firmer and better textured interior for the love holes, the existing sexual functionality is about average as silicone dolls go in my experience.

But don't underestimate how much that visual realism can enhance the experience like it has for me. I don't understand how the brain works but I know some pretty significant parts of my brain think Nina is a real person which makes my experience with her much more intense than with other dolls. Your mileage may vary though.

For me though, I've never been so in love with a doll as I am with Nina.

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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by Aerith Died »

Is the pricing competitive?

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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by 4891d »

Thank you HornedPear,
This is really a great review. Everything that matters is covered with remarkable attention to detail and objectivity. And it is very well described: you can understand and feel things almost as if you could touch the doll.
It is a beautiful doll. I had already noticed it on the Xycolo website. I'm happy to learn that she is even better in reality.
Enjoy Nina with the lizard part, the chimp part, and all the other possible parts of your brain, she deserves it.
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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by AtomicPunk »

very interesting, nice review. enjoy!
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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by CBRF4I »

I think this head fits the 163 better than the 153. In my opinion the head looked slightly too big on the smaller body. Your doll looks very nice. How is the old 153 body holding up?

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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by esquisseallure »

Does the 153cm experience a bit too much stretching of the vagina when the legs are spread further than around 100°?
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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by HornedPear »

Aerith Died wrote:Is the pricing competitive?
She's an expensive doll, the most expensive I own. Pricing is competitive with the DS Summit Series.
CBRF4I wrote:I think this head fits the 163 better than the 153. In my opinion the head looked slightly too big on the smaller body. Your doll looks very nice. How is the old 153 body holding up?
I'm glad to hear you say that bout the head size. I was worried Ena would be too small for the 163. In real life, the head does look a bit too small but looks fine in pictures for some reason. I struggled with whether to keep the 153 with Ena and get a 163 Vala or just go with a 163 Ena. I have limited storage space for my dolls so ended up giving the 153 away to make room for the 163 and I had grown too attached to get any other face.

I had the 153 about a year. The skeleton held up fine during that time though some of the joints remained too tight as they were when she arrived. The platinum silicone body is easily dented and she developed a number small dents over time. I'm told those can be massaged out but I never tried. The main issue I had was damage to the interior of the vagina from using a rigid cleaning instrument and tampons for drying. That was just a bad idea but "live an learn". I'll be more careful with this Nina.
esquisseallure wrote:Does the 153cm experience a bit too much stretching of the vagina when the legs are spread further than around 100°?
I'm trying to remember if stretching was an issue but I can't recall. I no longer have her 153 body so I can't test it. Also, I'm not sure I ever spread her legs further than about 90° and that was only when cleaning her. Spreading dolls legs further than that makes me nervous so I don't spread them any further than necessary to get the requisite access. All I can say is I don't remember it being an issue. The platinum silicone is very elastic so I think it would be less of a concern than the average silicone doll. I would be concerned about tearing the interior of the vagina if having sex with the legs spread at wide angles since the interior silicone can tear easily if you aren't careful.

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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by XYcolo »

Hi HornedPear,

thank you so much for your review of your Ena/Nina Pro!

Thank you for taking good care of her!
Thank you & Warm regards!
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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by Cepheus »

Wow HP great to hear your review. I look forward to more picture sets.
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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by justintime »

Very sexy and cute at the same time. Well done on your review.
Got me thinking
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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by PDutus »

Cheers for the review, HornedPear - very detailed and very helpful.

Interesting what you say about the need to reapply lube every few minutes - I have the same issue with my Sino's ultra soft vagina.
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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by roninfiertze »

Very cute lady you have there, glad to hear they have some new options for the body!
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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by rolfo »

Hello HornedPear,

Compliments, a great review. And especially interesting for me, because I am toying myself with buying an OSP doll from Xycolo. However, I still hesitate. One hears and reads again and again, how difficult the softness, especially of the butt, is.

Do you already have experience in this regard? How strongly does the doll (silicone) react, to lying down for several days?

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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by seagull »

Another reminder that soft materials need extra care in use and cleaning :)

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Re: Nina Transformed: My experience with Organic Silicone Pr

Post by SingleDogLife »

im not sure which brand of water based lube you are using, you can try Astroglide, its the longest lasting water lube that stays slippery i know of

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