Starpery Authorized Vendors

Starpery mission is that"Let robot service to people, and protect people!". We are the manufacturer of TPE doll and silicone doll, based on Huizhou city, China. We are devoting ourself to improve doll apery ability of appearance and movement so that she or he can help more the unable, or the loneliness, or other fans. Wish our doll can bring the funny, service and protection to all human being in future. Website:
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Starpery Authorized Vendors

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Hi All

Due to some fake websites, we received some reports from our doll fans.

To avoid the fraud and any loss by those fake websites, we have to list our authorized vendor list here.

Also if you found any website with an surprised low price, be aware of it is 100% fake website.

Kindly pls send email to us!