Notice: Rules about content posted at TDF - updated 1-May-2023

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Notice: Rules about content posted at TDF - updated 1-May-2023

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Rule 1 of the RoC: Updated 19th October 2023:
Rules of Conduct wrote: Definitions of terms used in our rules:
TDF : The Doll Forum
Erotic : a quality that causes sexual feelings, as well as a philosophical contemplation concerning the aesthetics of sexual desire, sensuality, and romantic love.
Pornography : media containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs in an activity intended to stimulate sexual desire.
Dolls with faces or bodies that have childlike features are prohibited.
Only dolls may appear in pornographic media. Humans showing real or manufactured sexual organs are prohibited on TDF. Humans may only appear if clothed.
*, **, or *** (depending on seriousness of the photo)

Nude doll images for the purpose of showing the features of a doll are allowed in our general forum but cannot portray masturbation or sexual acts. Masturbation or sexual acts can be portrayed only in the Members Only areas.

Ejaculate - simulated or real - is NOT allowed.

Content deemed inappropriate for our social standards and reputation will be removed.

Links to images or videos are allowed only if they meet our above rules and definitions. The Mature URL tag is no longer required in member only sections.
Cartoons and jokes fall under the same rules.

[*]Note: Owing to the fact that this is a subjective rather than objective issue, members will not be penalized in borderline cases nor for any previously posted photos that may now be deemed in violation of this rule.
The main changes are:
  • In public sections of TDF we allow doll nudity, but only showing doll features, showing doll beauty, showing sensuality, romance, desire.
  • In members-only sections of TDF we allow explicit doll images and vids, including masturbation or sexual acts, but only dolls.
  • We don't allow any images or vids showing human genitalia, also linking to such images will no longer be allowed.
  • Ejaculate - simulated or real - is NOT allowed.
We are introducing a new members-only section to share your more explicit doll images: Hot Stuff - Members Only