3 Benefits of Blowjob Sex Doll, You will Know Her Better.

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3 Benefits of Blowjob Sex Doll, You will Know Her Better.

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Now that the technology of sex dolls has advanced rapidly, sex dolls have soft skin, flexible bodies, and details close to those of real women. They can now be called real partners. As your partner don't you want to experience the pleasure of oral sex they bring you? To share this pleasure, you must know some necessary knowledge to double your fun.

1. Sex dolls allow you to enjoy oral sex without any worries

2. How to use your sex dolls to get the best blowjob?

3. What kind of dolls can let you enjoy the best oral sex?

The benefits of using a sex doll for your oral sex
1. Your sex doll will not feel discomfort when your penis enters her mouth
2. You can cum directly into her mouth
3.No matter how long you last, she will not refuse
The mouth of the sex doll does not feel discomfort from stuffing a giant object.

If your partner is a sex doll, your sex life will be pleased. You don't need to worry that she will feel uncomfortable because you are too rough during intercourse, especially when sucking you off. She can easily swallow your penis and let you thrust in and out of her mouth.

If your partner is a real woman, her uncomfortable expression will make you uncomfortable to continue if you are too rough in her mouth. A sex doll partner will not show a stern expression. She is very welcome to have you inside her body.
You don't have to ask her opinion when you are about to ejaculate

Pulling out of a warm mouth when you are about to ejaculate can be very painful. Many people are willing to give you oral sex but don't want to swallow your semen. Please don’t feel bad about it. The sex doll is more than willing to swallow your semen.

No matter how many times you ejaculate, she will not refuse. You no longer have to leave the gentle, wet mouth when you are about to come.
You can always insert the mouth of the sex doll.

No matter how much your partner loves you, she can't perform oral sex for you for a long time. It is because her mouth muscles will be sore from the prolonged exercise. She may stop sucking you at any time because she feels uncomfortable.

It may even happen when you are about to ejaculate. It is a huge bummer, but you can't do anything about it, and sex dolls help you stop this from happening. Let the sex doll suck you off for as long as you want in her mouth, and she won't complain.
How to make sex dolls provide you with the perfect oral sex experience
1.Use lubricant before performing oral sex
2.The correct position is the key to getting an orgasm
3.Hold her body to facilitate you to accelerate the pleasure
Lube is the essential prop to get sex dolls to help you with oral sex

Let sex dolls help you with oral sex. Lube is a prop that must be prepared. Since beauties cannot produce saliva on their own, lube is necessary. Just apply the right amount of lube before you start, and let your penis become wet to rub in the doll's mouth. Don't be too hasty. It won't waste too much of your time.
The proper position makes your sexual life easier and happier.

You can choose the preferred position for your sex doll to help you with oral sex. Because sex dolls can't move their heads independently, you must do it yourself. The correct position will allow you to move more manageably and more profoundly. For example, your doll can kneel before you or lie on your crotch. When you can look them straight in the eyes to prove that your position is very appropriate, it will make your experience more intimate.
You can drag her body and speed up for pleasure

The easiest way to enhance the experience is to go deeper into her mouth every time, and you will experience unparalleled pleasure when your penis goes deeper into her throat. Then you might as well go faster.

She won't hate you for going too fast. Instead, she'll love you even more. You need to drag her body fast and rhythmically, let your penis quickly deep into her throat. This pleasure only takes a short time to send you to the edge of orgasm. Of course, you must be careful not to push too hard to avoid hurting her.
How to pick the right sex doll for oral sex
1.Picking a high-quality doll is the key
2.A doll with a tongue can make your feelings more real
3.Customize a sex doll that best suits your needs

High-quality dolls are the key to determining the experience.
Using mainstream materials made of dolls can only be called high-quality sex dolls. Especially the silicone material made of dolls, whether in the skin texture, elasticity, or touch, is very close to the real thing.

If you choose silicone sex dolls, you must spend a little more on this. Of course, TPE material doll quality is also excellent, although the performance of the skin texture of silicone dolls could be better, and the price could be higher.
Pick a sex doll with a tongue can enhance the realistic feeling of oral sex

A tight and moist hole is not necessarily the mouth but the vagina. That's why a sex doll with a tongue to perform oral sex for you can be an impressive experience.

The tongue also provides additional friction that can add pleasure to the surface of your penis. And because sex dolls have tongues, their realism is closer to that of a real person, which can increase intimacy.
The most suitable for your doll can be customized.

No matter how good the doll in your hands must be with your imagination, there are some differences. It is possible that you can not find the proper body position. It is also possible that the details do not make you satisfied.

Then customize a doll of your own, a doll that belongs only to you. You can customize her height, weight, material, and breast size completely.

You don't have to worry about finding the proper position between you or the details that can not do to your satisfaction because that is entirely arranged by your imagination and customized out of the doll.
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