How Many Different Types of Lesbian Sex Dolls: 3 by the conclusion

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How Many Different Types of Lesbian Sex Dolls: 3 by the conclusion

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When we think of a sex doll, we would say it is a lifelike or surreal masturbator typically used by penis owners, but there are also lesbian sex dolls made for lesbians. This article will categorize lesbian sex dolls from three perspectives:

1.By material: lesbian silicone sex dolls vs. lesbian TPE sex dolls

2.By body: full-size sex doll vs. sex doll torso

3.By gender: there are female sex dolls with male organs vs. purely female sex dolls
As for whether sex dolls are good or not, there is always a red line warning that any sex dolls can be addictive, in which case it may lead users to have no confidence in intercourse and always return to porn/sex dolls instead of trying to get a real relationship.

But in most cases, using sex dolls for sexual satisfaction, whether it's role-playing with your partner, learning how to "edging" during intercourse, or even something as basic as learning stamina, confidence, and some extra sexy moves, is a great way to improve your performance and provide sweaty sexual game.
By material: lesbian silicone sex dolls vs. lesbian TPE sex dolls
If you're confused about whether to choose TPE or silicone sex dolls, three things can sum it up: First, silicone is a thermosetting material, which means that once it cures, it's strong and can't be changed. Since this error becomes less, it becomes more expensive, reaching $2,000 to less than $5,000.

Second, silicone is not as soft as TPE. It feels dense and stiff than TPE. It's more rubber-like than lifelike.

Third, when it comes to the hips and breasts, given their more rubber-like consistency when the doll is rocked back and forth, these features do not wobble as much as TPEs.
By body: full-size sex doll vs. sex doll torso
If you divide them by body, there are two kinds: full-size lesbian sex dolls and lesbian sex doll torsos.

If you have more budget, then full-size sex dolls may be a better choice because they have whole body parts, making them less creepy than sex doll torsos, and you can also dress them up in sex ways to explore whatever sexual fantasies you have in mind. They won't get hurt or complain but always stay tight for you whenever you're ready

However, if you don't have much space in your room, a mini sex doll or sex doll torso would be a better choice
By gender: there are female sex dolls with penis and purely female sex dolls.
When we divide lesbian sex dolls by gender, there are two options: lesbian sex dolls with penises and purely female lesbian sex dolls. Such a simple difference lies in the penis part. If you favor convenience, you can choose the former, so you do not have to wear a strap-on dildo.
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