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XYcolo Model Show (37Head Options) & Product Presentation!!!

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2023 3:55 am
by XYcolo
XYcolo all Models Show and Product presentation For You To Download Free!

Now XYcolo has 37 models ( heads Options) and 10 types of bodies for your configuration.
Here are two PDF files, which will give you a detailed description of XYCOLO product.
After reviewing this, you will totally understand which configuration will be better for you.

Don't hesitate turn to Monica for any inquires or questions!! !

Re: XYcolo Model Show (37Head Options) & Product Presentation!!!

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2023 11:37 pm
by XYcolo
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Re: XYcolo Model Show (37Head Options) & Product Presentation!!!

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2023 8:20 pm
by XYcolo
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Re: XYcolo Model Show (37Head Options) & Product Presentation!!!

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2023 9:00 am
by XYcolo
It is well known that XYcolo provides IMPLANTED HAIR only with human real hair which bought from barber. The whole implant process is made by hand, needle by needle insert the hair into the head skin. It is the most sophisticated job, so comes out the most realistic and full of breath of life hair on the doll. It is incomparable and unrivalled workship.

For the soon coming Black Friday and New Year 2024, XYcolo holds a campaign which is unprecedented-----FREE IMPLANTED HAIR SERVICE!!! Which is at least 800dollars!!
Only for the FIRST 3 customers!!!

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Re: XYcolo Model Show (37Head Options) & Product Presentation!!!

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2023 9:52 pm
by XYcolo
Hi XYcolo Friends, how are you?

Some new friends are still perplexed about XYcolo heads. Please allow me to explain once again according to the newly updated "xycolo heads list" which is attached.

1) How Many XYcolo Heads Till Now?
Till October 2023, XYcolo has 26 bigger heads, which are with net head circumference 53cm, applicable for XYcolo bodies which are higher than 157cm ( 157cm included) ; 12 smaller heads with net head circumference 51cm, which are applicable for XYcolo bodies which are lower than 157cm (157cm is included) , better for 153cm.

2) How Many XYcolo Oral Function Heads ?
Till October 2023, among the 26+12=38 XYcolo heads, we have total 6 oral split heads and one AIO 145CM Nana with oral head, all the oral heads can be made with movable jaws: They are:
*Yana CE
* Cherry (with movable jaw)
* Ena (with movable jaw)
* Nana (145cm AIO)

3) How many silicone types of XYcolo heads?

As you should all know, that XYcolo has 6 types of silicone materials: OS/PS/OSPRO/PSPRO/ OS PRO PLUS/PS PRO PLUS. There is clear explanation of the differences in the "XYcolo product presentation", which I think you should have them all.
But for HEADS, there are only three types of silicone materials:

Because heads can not be made with multi-layers, so there is NO “pro-heads" at all. OS head is applicable for OS/OS PRO/OS PRO PLUS/ PS PRO/ PS PRO PLUS.
PS head is applicable for PS body.
OS EXTRA Soft Head is a customized head, for those customers who want to remian the OS feature (carrying permanent makeup) with additional softness compared to the normal OS material, so we will adopt the new formula of silicone compounded, and come out the OS EXTRA SOFT head.
It is 100usd higher than the normal OS head.

4) How many AIO dolls?
Till October 2023, XYcolo has 3 AIO dolls ( BODY and HEAD are in ONE ):
* 151cm Salamander;
*169cm Shelby ( new doll)
* 145cm Nana with oral function.

5) Which girls are of pure European blood ( European Face)?
* Vala
* Angel
* Angela (Oral)
* Natalia
* Brigette
* Salamander
* Aveta Anscura

6) Apart from the above mentioned European faces, what other faces are also popular in wester market?
* Yana
* Charlene
* Cherry
* Shelby
* Mina

IF there is still any other question about XYcolo heads, don't hesitate to write me email or skype me.