Irontech 140cm TPE Big boobs

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Irontech 140cm TPE Big boobs

Post by Ralffarl »

Hi, all

I wonder if anyone here has the Irontech 140cm Big boobs doll ?!
Either the Lora, Victoria och Jane version ?

I am thinking of buying a custom made version with black skin, but i dont know how that doll would look like. Havent seen a doll in black skin, and that bodytype.

Anyone got pics??!
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Re: Irontech 140cm TPE Big boobs

Post by toddjy »

Don't see why there would be a problem with any body in black. But I can see problems with choosing a European or Asian face and making it black. Of the three you list, I think Jane might be okay in black. I cannot imagine Victoria in black.

I was looking at the faces on Sexxdolls co. They have a separate section for faces.

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