Review of Bimbo Booty Sex Toy by Hidden Desires

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Review of Bimbo Booty Sex Toy by Hidden Desires

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Recently I bought the ”Fabulous Fat Mega Ass” by ”Hidden Desire”. It’s my first bigger sex toy and I’ve always wanted a big booty sex toy. I’ve been interested in the 53lbs/24kg Wet Dream as it matches what I’m looking for. However I found a cheaper sex toy by a different manufacturer that is a copy of the wet dream. It was around 200$ cheaper so I bought in on it. I hadn’t seen many reviews of it so I didn’t really know what to expect. Right out of the box I noticed how stiff it was, almost no jiggle at all. It’s made out of TPE but it appeared to have a skeleton inside which made the cheeks feel like two conjoined skulls (not very pleasant). The skeleton did not even have any joints so the only position you could have sex with it is in doggy. Apart from the jointless skeleton the two love holes hade some nice texture which felt good. The dimensions of the booty is 41 cm in width, it weighs 42lbs/19 kg and the according to the vendor the love tunnels are 21 cm (vagina) and 18 cm (anus) in depth, however, it’s more like 15 cm each.
I really wanted a jiggly and soft sex toy which I could use in many different positions, so I was quite let down as it wasn’t super cheap (around 500$).
So I decided to modify it by trying to remove the skeleton by opening up two holes in the front of the thighs with a pair of scissors. I then separated the TPE from the plastic skeleton (which didn’t weigh anything) and pulled it out of the TPE “shell”. The whole process took about an hour and the results were great! By then adding blankets and soft plastic foam inside the, former skeleton, area I achieved a jiggly and soft booty! I’ll attach two videos to showcase the softness and flexibility. So after removing the skeleton I would say I am quite pleased with the product. She can now bend and be used in different positions. I can also choose how “jiggly” she can be by customizing her insides.
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Skeleton beside the booty
Skeleton beside the booty
CB3440AA-5165-4309-8259-58C1E20747A6.jpeg (1.27 MiB) Viewed 566 times
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