TPE torso sex toy-S/X/L mini torso

Torso Only Dolls without limbs, and other partials, could be any simulated body part targeted at fetishes or simply to use as a masturbation toy.
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TPE torso sex toy-S/X/L mini torso

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When you're in the market for a portable, lightweight and affordable torso sex toy, our range of torso toys S/X/L mini torso is your ultimate choice. S/X/L mini torsos are divided into: S mini torso, X mini torso and L mini torso. Made from CLM's signature soft TPE material with a plush and stretchy feel. They come with a built-in movable skeleton for added flexibility. We make their thighs cylindrical so your penis can fit more comfortably into the innermost part of their vagina.

The chest size of the S mini torso is the smallest among the three, but this does not affect its overall beauty. You can see the details on its belly and back, and even its anus and labia are human-like. If you’re looking for a realistic sex toy without breaking the budget, the S mini torso is your best choice. It can be used as a female body stand for the perfect sashimi feast. For both cost and weight, this entry-level torso sex toy is perfect for novice doll users.
S mini torso:
S-MTorso Luxury(Tan)8.jpg
S-MTorso Luxury(Tan)8.jpg (2.1 MiB) Viewed 290 times
S-MTorso Luxury(Tan)14.jpg
S-MTorso Luxury(Tan)14.jpg (1.85 MiB) Viewed 290 times
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If you are a perfectionist when it comes to body type, the X mini torso is an option you should consider. Of the three options, it strikes the perfect balance between weight and sex appeal, with a wide bust and full hips. Its breasts were as big as two baseballs, plump and elastic. Coupled with the slim waist, it is easier to control speed and direction when using it. The butt is the most inviting place, you can give it a good slap and the sounds it makes will make you want more. The curvature of the hips presents an elegant curve, perfectly showing off the hourglass figure. Once you start participating, you won't be able to stop.
X mini torso:
X-MTorso Delicacy(Cinnamon)11.jpg
X-MTorso Delicacy(Cinnamon)11.jpg (2.41 MiB) Viewed 290 times
X-MTorso Delicacy(Cinnamon)13.jpg
X-MTorso Delicacy(Cinnamon)13.jpg (2.04 MiB) Viewed 290 times
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The L mini torso is called the BBW mini torso because it is the largest and most noticeable of the three in terms of breast size. Its breasts are like two papayas, allowing you to enjoy oversized breasts without bearing too much weight. Big and attractive breasts like this are very attractive to people who like big breasts. This mini torso weighs only one-third the weight of a full-size doll. You can have a sex toy with large breasts and you don’t have to worry about the weight of a sex toy with huge breasts.
L mini torso:
L-MTorso Carton(Cinnamon)1.jpg
L-MTorso Carton(Cinnamon)1.jpg (2.34 MiB) Viewed 290 times
L-MTorso Carton(Cinnamon)7.jpg
L-MTorso Carton(Cinnamon)7.jpg (2.04 MiB) Viewed 290 times
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