My Robot Doll (MRD)'s excellent purchase experience

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My Robot Doll (MRD)'s excellent purchase experience

Post by mypaperdolls »

This review is long overdue, as I've ordered six dolls from My Robot Doll's Alice over the past year. The exceptional customer service, high quality, and speedy delivery make MRD my go-to vendor.

Dolls ordered
I've ordered several dolls from MRD, including MLW (#16 Riko, #75 Tina, #24 custom body Rena, custom order Aya), Piper (Ariel 100cm), and Starpery (Hedy 5'7"). I've also purchased additional heads from SHEDOLL, among others.

Summary review
Alice is thoughtful and responsive, ensuring that any questions or concerns about order details, customization requests, payment, quality checks, and delivery are addressed before you finalize your purchase.

What makes RBD different
Alice helps you understand the realistic expectations of your order, which may sometimes differ slightly from the photoshopped previews that factories release. This transparency allows you to make an informed decision on a significant purchase. I've tried many other vendors as well but in terms of accuracy of expectations, nothing beats what MRD has to offer. This is extremely important to me because of my relationship with my dolls and how customized and personalized I wanted them to be.

How did I pick MRD?
I first selected MRD after reading the countless reviews on this forum and was not disappointed. After shopping through many other vendors that ship to the US, MRD was competitive in service and in price.

Typical order process
1. Select your doll from their website and make the customization selections
2. Confirm that your selections are accurate and make an online payment
3. Alice will reach out to you within a few days to confirm your selections and answer any questions
4. This is the time you'll be able to ask for more customizations beyond what is available on the website. Alice will try her best to coordinate with the factory to meet your requests. The many times I've ordered, she was able to get video samples and even past order references to inform my order.
5. Confirm all your customizations and wait for the final factory photos.
6. Factory photos and videos will be sent to your email and you'll be able to vet them and make further change requests via Alice.
7. Once satisfied, you'll wait for your order to be delivered!
8. Receive your order, unbox, and fall in love with your newest roommate.

Note: If you don't see what you want from MRD's website, you can always contact Alice to see if they are able to make it work. More often than not, they'll be able to partner with other brands or provide other models as well!

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