Have you ‘seen’ Unique Eyes dolls?

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Have you ‘seen’ Unique Eyes dolls?

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Unique Eyes is technically a brand under the Flair company umbrella, but Flair is owned by Giochi Preziosi. Seems like these were offered mostly overseas across Europe.

Marketed for kids but with the gimmick that the eyes follow or appear to automatically move based on your viewing angle. The eye movement is from the convex shape of the eyes that keeps the focal point of the pupils appearing to always face the viewer. It even works with cameras views.

These are very cute dolls with a really cool expressive anime face. I think the adorable plastic moulded panties are a nice touch. Arms and legs are rubberized and can change the angle of knees and elbows.

I would love to see someone take this eye concept and apply it for our larger synthetic gurls. Many of us struggle with perfect eye alignments at different angles. This toy solves that without having to touch the eyes or mess with springs or cotton balls!

Following is a great in-depth discussion reviewing the doll series with lots of photos. ... ziosi.html

Video clip reviewing

Has anyone seen these before? What do you think?

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