6YE L-cup BBW Torso

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6YE L-cup BBW Torso

Post by pelle »

Item for sale: 6YE 161cm L-cup BBW Custom made into Torso
Material: Soft TPE with a weight of about ~75 lbs
Options: Removable Vagina Insert (Included), Able to attach head
Accessories: Vagina Insert and Drying Rod
Asking price: $700 CDN - Prefer within Canada
Preferred payment method: E-Transfer, Paypal or Cash (For Pickup)
Shipping limitations: Shipping inside Canada, You pay. Might be able to help deliver within Ontario/GTA
General location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Age of item: 1.5 Years
Bought new or previously owned: Second owner
Damage to item: Just one or two minor scratches and blemishes. Has a small puncture left shoulder and penny-sized indentation on left breast from shipping. Otherwise Good condition
Repairs made: None
Modifications: None
Indicate if this doll is from a smoker's home or smoke free home: Non-smoker

This is made by 6YE and is the Torso version of the 161cm L-cup BBW 6YE Doll, the same doll minus the arms and bottom legs. Very soft and jiggly, but also very heavy. Just two small areas of noticeable damage but overall is in good/great condition.
Was rarely used and kept mostly as eye candy, unfortunately my living situation has changed and will have trouble using/keeping it so am looking to sell. About 32 by 20 by 11 inches in dimension.
I'll answer any questions to my best ability, Cheers :D

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Re: 6YE L-cup BBW Torso

Post by pelle »

Lowering price to $600 CDN

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Re: 6YE L-cup BBW Torso

Post by goodfruits »

interested! and toronto based.....

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