Double strike! - New to the mini dolls :)

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Double strike! - New to the mini dolls :)

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I've had dolls for many years, but it's only in the last 3 or 4 years that dolls have become more than just toys for me. Photography has become a hobby for me that I enjoy doing. I especially love outdoor shots, but they are difficult to realize with large dolls if you don't have your own garden.

That's why I've been looking into mini dolls for some time now. I therefore decided to give it a try. I really like the size of ~60cm (1/3). However, I didn't want to buy a "real" Smartdoll straight away but wanted to buy an inexpensive doll in this size first. I contacted my dealer here in Germany and at the same time searched the net and the discords I use.

I then decided on a 1/3 "no-name" doll from Aliexpress, which some people already have and are quite enthusiastic about. Add a small selection of clothes and that's it.

My dealer got in touch shortly afterwards. He doesn't have dolls like Smartdolls, but he still has a small stock of TPE mini dolls in the 80cm size. Since he offered me an unbeatable price and he ships within Germany (EU), I don't have to worry about customs or that the doll will be confiscated (very strict guidelines in Germany for dolls of this size).

So now I'll soon have two small dolls and I'm really looking forward to it. As soon as the dolls arrive, I'll take pictures and report back. While I will only use the 60cm doll for taking photos, the 80cm TPE might end up in my bed if I don't feel uncomfortable with its size. I keep reading about how much fun a small doll can be in bed due to its weight, handling and cleaning. Let's see :)
The bjd 1/3 Doll
The bjd 1/3 Doll
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The 80cm TPE
The 80cm TPE
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