MEDIC 101- TPE Glue when and how to use

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MEDIC 101- TPE Glue when and how to use

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First of all, please note that Jinsan TPE glue is made to work on Jinsan TPE. This be true, it might not work on a Climax doll for example.
Please note that I am not saying this method is better than others, it is just different, but I feel at this point in time, it is the best SOP ( standard operating procedure) out there.
The cut has no loss of TPE material and in stretched position it is a thin line.
Do the repair with the original WM doll TPE glue.
The doll is a WM doll and there is no loss of material

TPE must be welded together and the TPE glue is a cold-welding adhesive.

The repair:

Keep the arm in stretched position and do a mineral oil saturation, because the elbow is a high stressed area.
Use baby oil (containing mineral oil) for doing the saturation.
We recommend 3 thin applications of baby oil, every day one application .
We recommend to open the cut with the fingers and to wipe out some dirt carefully inside the cut with the baby oil and a paper towel.
Please no alcohol.
The baby oil removes dirt and is absorbed afterwards.

On the fourth day, do the repair.

Apply a little bit baby oil around the cut, not inside.
Open the cut with your fingers.
With the other hand and a paint brush apply TPE glue inside the opened cut.
Close the cut and hold it a bit together.
Squeezed out TPE glue can be wiped away carefully with a Q-tip or paper towel.
That is the reason why we have baby oil around the cut.
TPE glue that is squeezed out and wiped away that way is not causing damage on the surface.

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Please note the area around the wound also needs to be treated. The mineral oil forms another method of surface blending on completion of the repair, and prevents the glue reacting where it is not supposed to.

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Re: MEDIC 101- TPE Glue when and how to use

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I have locked this topic, so that only BCD can update.

This is a great topic, so I am looking to keep it opinion free.

In the event that either Jeff or you wish to add anything PM me and I will open the topic accordingly.



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