Total noob questions

Zelex is a company specializing in the development and manufacture of ultra-realistic sex dolls. We have a professional R&D team whose purpose is to design high-quality sex toys to provide customers with a perfect experience. Each of our products is hand-drawn by the artist with a realistic shape and fine makeup. We guarantee the product quality is safe and has the test certificate from an authority. Website: www.zelexdoll.com
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Total noob questions

Post by KindredLoner »

Hello doll lovers.

Ive just ordered my very first doll.
I am not very fond whit cup sizes over B cup or VERY small C cup.
Zelex don't have many dolls whit small cups and Ive read about Zelex is photoshoping quiet alot of there pictures.

Ive looked around at Docklandet and Dollsclub A-LOT between Zelex and Starpery,
Zelex has alot more makeup focused dolls but the Cup size actually pulled me away from zelex toward a Imogen 171 cm A-cup.

*Raises the hand over the head*
Onward to the questions!

1:st Is there any doll in zelex that is actually A-B cup?

2:nd how are the factory pics Vs. the real life dolls and how big of a difference is there between the two?

3:rd the most realistic looking Vagina and body?

4:th why did you make the choice to buy a Zelex doll?

2:nd question factory pics I mean the pictures they put out on the site and commercial for the dolls.

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Re: Total noob questions

Post by john1972 »


The 170 wears a C cup bra but its a nice set of boobs :).
The 175s boobs look more further apart and smaller so might not be your cup of tea..
The 165 has larger boobs and decent looking vagina..

Personally I own all three and the 170 looks the most realistic of all of them.
The vagina lips are very nice and real looking .
The photos on there website are pretty much what you get out of the box.

Yes lots of us do touch up or change the makeup a tad bit..
If you get one without implanted hair you can change wigs and that makes a HUGE difference in
how she looks in photos..
The more you spend on a good wig the more real it looks.

If you look over the Zelex forum threads you can find all three of my reviews.
I am doing one right now as I type this with my new 175 cm.
Feel free to ask anything you wanna know in those threads :thumbs_up:
You can also click the links to photo only threads of my girls in my signature section.
Katrina/Kandie: Zelex 165/Photo Thread: viewtopic.php?t=153045
Selena/Tabby: Doll-Forever 145 Fit Body X 2/Photo Thread: viewtopic.php?t=155222
Natalie/Katrina Zelex 170/Photo Thread: viewtopic.php?t=167673
Kira: Zelex 175/Photo Thread:viewtopic.php?t=176840
Main Fun Thread: viewtopic.php?t=143706

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Re: Total noob questions

Post by toddjy »

There's the Marie Rose doll has an a or b. She's 147cm, and isn't shown by all vendors.

Is the 155cm a B or C?

There's some others 148cm and smaller, but they have no adult faces for those dolls. So the only place you can find them is on a couple of Japanese sites, Kuma-doll and yourdoll's Japanese site (.jp). Don't go there if you don't want to see really young dolls.

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Re: Total noob questions

Post by quixotic »

Throwing my noob question in as well...

What do bolts on feet do. Are they just for integrity of the skeleton? Or are they somehow used when standing the doll, like bolted to something.

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Re: Total noob questions

Post by seagull »

Correctly set up bolts protect the soft foot material from being destroyed by scuffing and standing on hard floors

The most realistic looking Vagina and body question ventures into subjectivity, what is realistic and appealing to one person is certainly not going be realistic and appealing to everyone :whistle:

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