Passing of our dear friend, Wetsuit

Paying our respect to TDF members and their friends and family who have passed on.
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Passing of our dear friend, Wetsuit

Post by GB01 »

Hello Dear friends, I have to give you this very sad news on good friend Jo, or as we all know of him here as Wetsuit.
Jo has lost his fight against cancer :cry: .

We were all hoping for this to be good news and Jo could be back with as again, but this was not to be, i know he will be in our thoughts and will be with us here always it is what he loved.

I new Jo well and me and my Wife had meet him and he had stayed here with us at times, he had also been a Super Moderator on Uk Love Doll Forum and loved doing it.

He was also young, and many things he wanted to do in life, he made the best of everything even when being so ill, our deepest sympathy to all Jo's Family and friends.

I had the email today
Hi Bob this is a second attempt at emailling
I was trying to write to you last night to let you know that sadley Jo has lost his fight against cancer he went into hospital tuesday as normal for his radio therapy treatment and before they sent him home he took a turn for the worse and they kept him in then his health just suddenly got worse and within just 12 hours on wednesday morning he had gone

we were at his bedside with him and it was all peaceful but I know he wasnt ready to go and he was fighting it right till the end

he spoke of his friends on the forums and he showed us the article in the new paper last week and I am sure he would want to us to let you know whats happened so you can pass on the news to others on the the forum.

Ive got Jo's laptop at the moment Im watching out for emails so feel free to email if you have any questions and we have still got Jo's phone switched on if you want to talk to us. there is no date yet for the funeral as theres going to be a post mortem but when we know more I will send you a message

bye for now sorry to be the bearer of such bad news

Photos added by TDF Management
Wetsuit upper far right. Anatasia, one of his Teddy Babes, center.  Custom made outfit.
Wetsuit upper far right. Anatasia, one of his Teddy Babes, center. Custom made outfit.
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Wetsuit and Bianca - UK Nov 2010 Meet in Wales
Wetsuit and Bianca - UK Nov 2010 Meet in Wales
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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by scubasteve »

My condolences and thoughts to Wetsuits friends and family.
He is at peace. :cry:

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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by midiman »

Jo was one of the finer people I have met - not just in the doll community, but in my life's journey.
I had so hoped I would get to spend time with him when I booked my June trip to the UK. I will dearly miss him. I share with you my last communication with him dated April 1 ...
Wetsuit - April 1 PM wrote:hi Dave,

if you're going to be over here from the 8th till the 22nd of June then I'm pretty sure we can get something arranged in that time, don't know what but we'll do it

we'll have to send some PM's out to the members in the uk meeting group to let them know that is the time frame we have & we need to look round things we can do & a place to meet up

I have only one thing I know I want to do this time round, I want to set up one or two of my dolls with their fishing tackle at a fishing pond or a canal toe path or something simillar

I've had a go at down loading the zip file at the link you have sent me but I can't get it to open I just keep getting a file corrupted error message

I was really looking forward to seeing some of the shots

I didn't get any shots of the group myself as everyone just wandered off as I was getting my camera ready

I like the montage shot espescialy with Antanasia in the midle there keeping guard over things :lol:

I have one week left of radiotherapy to go, & I have been feeling pretty tired through out that the threrapists tell me I'll start to pick up again about a week after I finish the treatments

there's been some side effects that haven't been too pleasent so I'm looking forward to the end of that

all the best, Jo
Bob, I don't know what the status of Jo's dolls are but I'd like to honor his memory by doing that shoot if possible. Perhaps we can do so as a group?

I'm afraid I am a bit tearful. So sad he didn't get to view the photos but at least he got the montage :( Jo, rest in peace my friend.


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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by kharn »

This is such a sad loss. He was such a good friend, I met last fall and then at Christmas. To think that within such a short period of time instead of celebrating his hip operation that we instead are mourning his passing.

It is very sad to lose a friend. This is the second friend in two years I have lost to cancer. I will greatly miss him as I am sure everybody else will.

I also received a similar message as Dave's in a PM from him, so it would be a great Honor to do such a shoot on his behalf at the next UK meet.


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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by uch »

This saddens me greatly. I really hoped he would be able to pull through. He will be missed here by many, including myself. Thanks for the update Gibmodoll, as I was wondering about his status a few weeks ago.
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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by f80man »

Sorry to hear, knew it was bad when the cancer was in the bones. Hoped treatment would help. :(
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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by beardygoat »

i am very sorry he did not get more time to enjoy more life , battle or no battle .

i have lost all my old friends and know mortality looms over all of us no matter where we are in our lives. i hope Jo had a fulfilling one .rest in peace , BG

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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by Farmerdancow »

Rest in peace Jo, aka Wetsuit. I was lucky enough to talk with him a few times in chat, but did not get to know him as well as some did. He will be missed by all.

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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by cosycottage »

Really upsetting news but, like f80man, I'd assumed from the scarcity of wetsuit's posts that things were deadly serious.

In the very short time that our etheric paths crossed, I enjoyed wetsuit's posts - which were always a perfect blend of the informative with a friendly, open tone.

Added to that, the fact that he made me feel very welcome on the uk doll forum, where I first surfaced, before I finally joined here on TDF as well.

wetsuit's input helped my decision to invite Kiko into my life, and for that I will always be grateful.

<a libation to wetsuit>

i wish him luck in his travels, god speed, and hope his dollies and motorbikes eventually find good homes.

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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by Everhard »

kharn wrote:...I met last fall and then at Christmas.
Those are the two times I met him; first at the UK doll convention in Wales and then the evening I arrived at Carl's place with Anoushka for the Xmas photo shoot.

A bright young chap, full of motorbikes and interesting dolls and a hundred and one other things going on.

And now he is gone. It makes no sense.

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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by B3F11dolly »

Sorry to hear about this. :cry: My honest condolences to all the family and friends.
Cancer is such a brutat fate, saw my grandma die from a brain tumor and chemo therapy...

No one should deserve such a fate, all you can do is remember good times.


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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by Bianca »

Midi and I both miss Wetsuit.

Midi has added a PM he received from Wetsuit a week ago after Midi booked his flight to the UK in June.
(It is the third post in this thread)
xxxooo Bianca
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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by Paleonaturist »

So very sorry to hear this . . .

Gibbmo, please pass my deepest sympathies and condolences along to Jo's family and friends.

There have been far too many losses of this sort in my little world lately, and it's about time for a reversal of this trend, dangit!

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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by raysmod »

I never knew Wetsuit very well. It is always sad when we lose a Forum member. A time for reflection.
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Re: Very very sad news.

Post by dollluver73 »

He will certainly be missed. I did get to talk to him a few times myself, in chat and seemed like a good guy. He certainly was one of the more active and contributing members here. My heart goes out to his family. :glou: heres to wetsuit
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