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 Post subject: Re: MGTOW 101 has your interview on his channel
PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:53 am 
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curiousswede wrote:
Oh, this thread is old. I thought it was new.

As people have stated, dolls are more or less never going to be accepted by most women because they (the dolls) are indeed a direct threat to women's genetic survival. Therefore, I do not take their "complaints" seriously because I realize it is out of justified fear.

However, these women have a choice to make more men wanting to choose them over these highly realistic sexy sex dolls. But if they keep eating at McDonalds, not exercising and walking through life with a "Treat me like a princess"-attitude, this is why more men choose dolls over them.

Indeed, we men should also take care of ourselves (hitting the gym, eating healthy, fixing our dressing style and body language, learning how to be better in the bedroom, etc.) and if we don't; we should neither be able to complain that several supermodels are not showing up at our very doorsteps.

What I have observed in the past 10 years is that more young women (23 and younger), who grow up with 24/7 attention in social media, have a sense that they are a "10" when they in fact might be overweight, be negative and just being a whiny little bitch in general.

Now, I'm not going to put "blame" and then say, "well, there you have it, don't do anything about it". I am just putting out how I believe things are so much different today and how social communication technology has made social communication actually much worse and harder for both men and women.

Women believe they are better than they are and men therefore have to compete more for their attention they had to do before meaning more men then give up because when sexy realistic dolls come along they are the easier way out of constant rejections online (and offline), expensive dates that lead nowhere and I can only imagine what it must feel like going through several divorces yet just one.

TL;DR: Many women have lost touch with reality and need to get down to earth again. Stop being up in "Tinder/Instagram or 'Instattention' Heaven" and get down here and just have regular conversation with real eye contact and not looking into a camera lens in SnapChat and just be real and honest for once.

We both want to socially communicate, yet we invent technology that only hinders that very innate and instinctual human need...

Some solid observations here, curiousswede. I would go further to say that because doll's bodies can be purchased completely sexualized beyond what is possible with a RG, we may be crossing the uncanny valley so fast that the momentum will take us beyond the initial goal of a lifelike human woman. Just the enormous breast options alone might cripple the average RG if she got a comparable boob job.

Yours is a good point about women seeing our dolls as competition, do you think they would feel the same about the hybrids of the future? For example, would women attempt to compete with an alien-vampire-elf-pixie with a sex swing harness and spinning vagina?

Conversely, imagine a future when technology addresses their needs as well. For example, the lonely old cat-lady buys her first AI cat robot that talks to her, cleans the floor like a Rumba, and licks whatever it is asked to lick (if you catch my drift). Would men feel that was unfair competition or just be happy for her?

Regarding social media: Yesterday, I had the rare fun of a pretty woman engage with me on social media with several rapid-fire messages. I enjoyed the interaction but stopped myself, asking her "Do you want to have a conversation on the telephone?". We talked for an hour and it went great. Not sure if it will go anywhere, but I realized it's been a while since I had a flirty discourse with an intelligent RG and it felt refreshing. Her voice, laughter and engagement were delightful. The reason I mention it is that I had a similar online flirtation going with a different RG a while back and when I asked her if she wanted to speak to me on the phone she told me that she had some kind of insecurity/phobia about using the phone for talking instead of texting. This is a woman I've known for years and seen publicly countless times. To me, her response was unacceptable so I ended the dialog, yet it was the second time I've come across this recently. Yes, social media is taking the place of actual conversations these days and there are those that accept or even embrace it. I like to think that forums like this one are different because we are speaking to many, but damn it! A one-on-one conversation between people had better not be falling out of favor with humans in general. If it is, that's one more point in a doll's favor.

Cheers, gents. Doll Your Own Way.
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