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 Post subject: My Review of Beautiful Dolls (Baker) 160cm WM78 Head
PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:26 pm 
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First I have to say Joy is wonderful to deal with and always gets back to you in a prompt manner and always tries to exceed your wishes. My Hubby talked me into "Baker" for our first male doll. I was skeptical but decided to customize him a little and see if he could be made hunky. Te pics on BD website are ok but not what I wanted, I wanted a more muscular Jason Statham type doll. I have to say they nailed it. I am impressed with all they did and Joy even emailed Us to make sure he looked good before shipment- That's customer service!!!!!
The only modification was the 21cm penis, I wanted a larger/thicker one for him and I added some bling. LOL Very happy with my; I mean, our purchase.
Pics included with what you get with him and one showing his new bling.

Baker/ Anton(His new name)
WM78 Head
Brown eyes
Tan skin color
21cm Penis

IMG_4932.JPG [ 1.26 MiB | Viewed 572 times ]
IMG_4937.JPG [ 1.17 MiB | Viewed 572 times ]
IMG_4930.JPG [ 1.55 MiB | Viewed 572 times ]
IMG_4941.JPG [ 1.22 MiB | Viewed 572 times ]
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