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 Post subject: Vivant Dolls Review ***
PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:11 pm 
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Vivant Dolls is a boutique operation offering a full rental service for sex dolls in the greater Los Angeles Area. Unlike most hobbies sex dolls can be prohibitively expensive since the initial investment requires thousand of dollars so having a service is like this is valuable as a sort of try before you buy. A little bit about me, I have been curious about sex dolls for a little over a year now. Generally I dont have issues meeting women, i'm a good looking guy with a great personality and utilizing online dating apps such as tinder etc. I have been fairly successful from the sexual aspect of things however after 5 years of dating and continual lingering health issues which are both physically and financially draining have put a damper on my ability to continually storm the breach. I would like to meet somebody but I just haven't, at least no one that I would want to be completely committed with and so I have found myself looking at the doll as a way to not only save money from the expense of dating but also something that could satisfy my sexual cravings without the drama and hassle that comes with typical dating.

So I decided to try Vivant Dolls to see if a sex doll was even remotely something I would be into. Josh, the owner of Vivant Dolls was extremely responsive and accommodating, I told him what I wanted and the checkout process was extremely smooth, he uses Venmo atm as they are setting up their credit card system. I really only wanted to try the doll out for a couple hours but Josh gave me a great overnight deal which I absolutley appreciated. Josh kept in contact with me via text every step of the way with the delivery ETA and the driver arrived right on time. The doll comes in what looks like a large unmarked luggage case about the proportion of golf clubs but quite a bit heavier, if you live in an apartment complex an elevator this will make your life a whole lot easier, I couldn't imagine having to lug that thing up a flight of stairs. The case does have wheels however so rolling it from place to place wasn't too much of a hassle. Also for an additional $20 I was able to purchase a brand new insert. Also Vivant does provide complimentary lube.

The doll itself on the other hand wouldn't be my first choice if I were buying brand new. She was definitely "used" she had alot of knicks and areas where the TPE just flaked off, I assume this is just normal wear and tear. Although she was perfectly petite her tits were too big for my tastes and her ass was rather small, I especially didn't like the asshole placement as it looks like one of those holes you see when you punch paper. Moving the doll was kinda awkward as well her joints seemed uneven in their range of movement and took some effort to position. Also I wanted to be as careful as possible since this is a rental of not damaging anything so I wasn't particularly ambitious about experimenting with the range of motion. If you look at the Vivant site they are very informative about doll handling and I wanted to be as cautious as possible. The dolls hands, omg the hands, they looked like the hands of a seventy year old suffering from severe arthritis, this didn't bother me so much but it definitely was a little weird. The dolls face was very barbie-ish, like something you would see at Toys-R-Us, I definitely prefer something a little more on the real side. The wig was cheap and seemed haphazardly placed on her head giving her this sort of wild women sauced up on vodka tonics meets Donald Trump on a bad hair day look. The dolls skin outside of the blemishes was fairly smooth however it felt like it could use the old corn starch treatment I have read so much about to get it closer to human skin. Also the doll was fucking cadaver cold, I did expect this however Vivant strictly instructs to keep the doll away from any heat sources. I have read several methods of overcoming this via heating blankets and heating inserts but not only did I not have those things on hand I also again didn't want to damage anything because having to pay full retail for a doll I clearly wasn't in love with would be a tragedy. lastly the doll is pretty heavy, nothing back breaking but nothing super light either, I kind of wanted to try her on top but her weight made that proposition seem kinda impossible. All in all the overall presentation left alot to be desired, however to be fair it is a rental.

Now the fun zones. Vivant claims to sanitize these dolls with each and every use with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide etc. Both the vaginal and anal areas had TPE white wear and tear, giving the doll kind of a sketchy vibe, clearly this doll has seen her share of dicks, but then again I wasn't expecting a virgin. The anal cavity still had moisture going on inside which I can only assume was left over from the cleaning solution. I had a really hard time getting the insert into the vagina and anal cavity. After doing a quick google search I found they recommended talcum powder which I just didn't have on hand, I had another kind of powder but I didn't want to experiment too much with risk of damaging anything so I used lube instead and let me tell you nothing sours the mood like spending 10 minutes trying to shove a vagina sleeve into a vagina or an asshole for that matter. I did try out the sleeve for a bit once I managed to get it in there, the asshole felt the best but it wasn't great, coupled with the fact she was ice cold and the doggy positioning was awkward with her twisted arthritic hands floating off to the side, the experience fell far short of expectations. I then decided to ditch the whole insert thing and tried it with a condom, this was a whole new experience both the vagina and asshole felt great, fairly realistic and I could truly imagine how much better it would have felt without a condom. Now I have the sex drive of a monkey but I only gave her one go, with all of the work involved and the particular features of the doll I wasn't really interested in an encore.

Would I use Vivant again to rent a doll?
Probably not. The doll itself seemed of poor quality, exactly the kind of doll I would want to avoid buying. I asked Josh about the manufacture but he stated that if I was interested in purchasing one than we could get into specifics. To Josh's credit however you dont really want to be renting out $5000 dolls to consumers who you just dont know are going to be responsible.

Has my experience with Vivant inspired more interest in actually purchasing a doll for myself?
Yes and No. Renting from Vivant has reinforced the idea that you get what you pay for in the doll market, so I need to be very careful about where I purchase from. Also from just having the doll for a day I can see how owning a doll is more than just sticking your dick in an orifice, its definitely more of a hobby and requires the utmost care and maintenance to protect your investment, including high quality accessories etc. However with that said I am actually more interested in buying a doll now than I was before because sexually it did offer a realistic experience, I just feel like once the details are addressed like warmth and proper skin conditioning would elevate the experience tenfold.

Would I recommend Vivant Dolls?
Absolutely. As long as you can come to terms with the fact that the experience won't be perfect it gives you the rare opportunity to see if a sex doll is something you would be interested in.
Josh and his team made the whole process easy and accommodating. The doll I recieved definitely wasn't great but as the business develops im sure more levels of quality will be offered, especially if he could partner up with specific manufacturers found here, along a wide spectrum of models so consumers could in fact try a product before completely investing in one of their own.
I believe Vivant Dolls could go a long way in promoting the use of sex dolls and generating more business for the industry.

I hope this helps the curious.

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